Videos have taken the world by storm. Today, video marketing has become one of the most effective tools to market your product, whether companies realise it or not.

In a research conducted by HubSpot, it was found that 78% of internet users watch videos regularly. Videos not only make you appear on search listings 70% higher than normal, but they also increase your website visits by 144%, according to Kissmetrics.

Videos are also a more creative way of expression than all the other marketing counterparts. The impact and engagement that an audio-visual medium like videos creates in the minds of your consumer are immense. Today, to help your brand leverage this opportunity, many easy-to-use video makers are available in the market.

Here are 10 creative ways to use videos to optimise your marketing efforts.

Introduction videos

Whether it’s your website, social media handles or YouTube channel, introduction videos about your products are an absolute game-changer. Imagine two different scenarios—one where you visit a website and it guides you to an about section where all the primary information is written, and the other where a video gives out all the information and you can simply browse through the products or services on the same page. Chances are that you find the website with videos more easy and effective. There are free video creator tools available in the market that can help you to create a professional-looking intro video in a matter of hours. The simple advantage of these videos is they minimise your audience’s efforts and serve them the most vital information in a short time.

Product description videos

You have invested a lot of your time, effort, and money into developing the most perfect product in the market. In this virtually dominated world, it becomes too difficult to set up shops for people to try out products. In this case, how will you showcase the superior quality and efficiency of your brand?

Video marketing comes in handy here. In a product description video, you can effectively and very easily highlight all of your product USPs. From talking about the materials used to build the product to how it will help you solve an everyday life problem, a video can grab your audience’s attention, briefly describe the advantages of your product, and navigate them to make a buying decision.

Unboxing & first look videos

Videos in which people unbox delivered packages and give a first look at products are incredibly popular. These videos add up to a brand’s credibility because people can experience the exact same thing when they buy that product for themselves. There are so many YouTube channels purely dedicated to unboxing and first look videos.

For a brand to successfully showcase its products, build credibility, and appeal to the target audience, creating unboxing videos is a great strategy. Using memorable packaging and experience-driven content, unboxing videos are known to boost the sales of your product.

How-to videos

In the last few years, instruction manuals have been replaced by simple Google searches. This trend is being changed again by videos. Today, if we want to understand how a product works, how to use it or change its settings, the first thing we do is to search about it on YouTube. How-to videos are a rapidly growing trend among brands as well as individual creators on the internet.

How-to videos are not just a video marketing strategy but also an after-sale delight tool. With these types of videos, the efforts required to read and understand instructions are replaced by videos that require drastically fewer efforts.

Trending social media video formats

With the help of social media platforms, it has become dramatically quick to expose your audience to your latest marketing videos. Within seconds of posting the videos, thousands of your followers have already watched them. In such cases, you must understand the different video formats that these platforms offer and how to leverage them to create impactful communication. Some of these platforms come with their inbuilt video makers, but there are more than enough third-party video maker tools available that make the process really easy. Recently, short vertical format videos are trending like crazy. Be it TikTok, Instagram Reels or YouTube Shorts, all these formats have a great reach and a good amount of engagement. Creating your brand communication in these formats would certainly help your brand reach out to a wider audience and eventually boost your sales.

10 Creative Ways of Using Video to Increase Sales

Review and testimonial videos

Video is the best format to create testimonial videos, as in videos, you can see both verbal and non-verbal cues. The body language enhances the message that the speaker wants to convey, which makes the video testimonials more reliable compared to just quotes. A testimonial that has a genuine value addition for the consumers can connect really with the audience and fetch a lot of leads.

While creating testimonials, it’s recommended to split the reviews between actual consumers and experts. Only the actual users of the product can pick out small detailed insights about the products, while the experts know what aspects of the product improve the sellability.

Digital commercials

Every brand in a competitive market needs to show its USPs, brand values, and vision. In the old times, it would require a massive marketing budget to come up with a TV commercial and broadcast it, but luckily, in the digital era, it’s not the case. Digital commercials are very cost-effective and can be created even on small budgets.

These commercials work really effectively in crafting your brand image, spreading the word about your brand, gaining credibility, and, most importantly, showcasing and selling products.

Storytelling/narrative-based videos

Building a creative narrative or a story around your brand is a great way of building your brand’s image. We often hear people talking about Apple selling status symbols and Nike selling a lifestyle. These are essentially the examples of brands creating a narrative around their products.

If you are a strong identity-driven brand and you want to motivate people to buy not just a product but an abstract concept around it, storytelling is the way to go. Different video makers have a range of options and stock footage to build a narrative for your brand; all you need to do is come up with a plot and include it seamlessly in your story.

Influencer collaboration videos

Influencers are dominating the social media space in every category possible. Influencers are usually the people on social media with a great number of followers. When these people talk about a brand or a product in their content, be it in stories or reels or videos, people tend to perceive them as advocates of the brand. This helps the brand build a great reputation and sell its products. Influencer collaboration is one of the most trending activities in the branding and digital marketing space, and more and more brands are working towards finding and onboarding these influencers for their promotions.

Live video events

After COVID, brands realised that virtual settings are working not just for remote work but for marketing as well. In the last two years, many brands executed successful live video events, including Apple. The advantage of these events is that they get saved as normal videos, and people can watch and rewatch these events again and again. Specific video makers and live internet broadcasting software have emerged in the market to execute these video events effectively.


There is certainly a massive scope when it comes to coming up with a creative video concept for your brand and beautifully executing it. The right way to choose your video marketing strategy is to identify your branding and marketing goals and then come up with a strategy that aligns with them. In recent times, some Indian brands like Zomato and Cred are creating fun and entertaining content under their brand name to engage people. This can also be done by other brands if it aligns with their communication. Eventually, just like any other form, video is also a medium to express and communicate, and as long as you do it right for your brand, you are bound to be successful.