Space flexible; sofas, tailored to your lifestyle; light, with the right lamps; fabrics, durable and warm … 10 professionals give us the keys to the great room.

Flip the living
Contrary to conventional theories recommend distributing the living room upside than usual: bring relaxation area and television to the darkest part of the stay, however, reserved for the dining area with natural light. To watch TV or chat with other people need and penumbra, however, is very nice to eat with daylight and enjoy something so simple yet so important as appreciating the food color.

Does the shape of the plant? My ideal room is rather rectangular. A square living raises gaps in the distribution because it forces leave many gaps between the sofa and the entrance or between the couch and the TV. However, if space is elongated can differentiate several uses in the classroom: the space to watch television, library area, fireplace … Wherever possible it is important to promote the segregation of spaces in a convenient and flexible way. In terms of guidance , always build a lounge facing south, east or southeast and reserving the bedroom facing north, which encourages energy and biologically rest. And when choosing the materials, I always decantaría by the healthiest and warm finishes.

Items: back to nature
Paintings healthy. whenever I pick silicate paints (water-based paints with pigmentosminerales). Are healthier and give a warmer result.

Parquet unvarnished. And synthetic materials that release harmful particles. Always looking hardwood eco-label of origin.

Ceramics in the area. choose native stones, matte finish, and never put glaze stoneware because the radio layer that gives brightness can be harmful.

Luis Alfonso Lopez, Gastón y Daniela. Expert in textiles.

A curtain for each window
The format of the final gap is to decide which shades to choose. Often the limitations contained in the blind side make it advisable. But the real reason to be graduation and light intensity. The blinds graduate the light horizontally and allow more transparency. And graduating shades light vertically and cold places and protect the outer clothing creating more sheltered and cozy feelings. Today, the traditional curtain blind wins younger and informal decorations adapting to more functional lifestyle today than years ago. On the other hand, a curtain uncollected, smooth fabric with a large drop (thin wool or velvet), in the halls and bedrooms its proper space.

No fear . Lose the fear of the synthetic or tissue-restricting and stain treatments.

Qualifies the sun . Pick roller sunscreens fiberglass. Screened the sun and day are nearly invisible.

Find comfort . Engines opening, closing and graduation with remote houses have entered to win comfortably.

Grégory Dias, Roche Bobois. Expert furniture.

The sofa in 5 Easy Steps
It is the furniture which you spend countless hours watching a movie, chatting or napping … Choose it well.

1 Layout . Must match the size of your living room and match the decor. And above all, convince.

2 Use Do you use to lie, watch TV, be a family? That will give you clues of the form (corner or separate) and the ideal structure of the sofa.

3 Comfort . Try before you buy. Look at the height of the backrest. The lower, more current, but just to be comfortable lying. If you prefer to sit, choose a high back.

4 Hardness. sofa If you want a firm chooses or foam filled pocket springs. Fills fluffy feathers offer unrivaled comfort.

5 Ergonomics. mechanisms that are adapted to the sofa body. Even stored seat positions.


Decorate with old shop signs

This is the living room of Anne Hubert, founder of the French brand La Cerise sur le Gâteau (I love their products!). His house (find the tour in the February issue of CasaFacile and Milk Magazine ) is a hymn to the explosion of creativity and humor.

And among the many ideas from which to draw, I was struck by the sign that stands behind the couch. Fabulous! I find it fascinating the idea of recovering the old shop signs to decorate a wall. So here are more pictures to inspire you.


The doors and interior decoration – richard design services

They are a step element, an important part of the decoration is not changed or transformed so easily. Meet the needs of our home and versatility offered by new models of doors is vital to not make a decision to end weighing us.

Wood, lacquer, matt or shiny, steel, aluminum or glass (not dyed or acid), folding, with knobs or handles, according to what is best in each case, but always bearing in mind not only the aesthetic but also functionality.

Define the environment of a coral way, thus allowing an architectural design environment is what the Italian company Rimadesio intended in its current collection, present in markets such as China, Japan, Brazil, the United States and Europe. Its maximum is the versatility and functionality, and manufacturing crystal is an innovation.

They use glass and aluminum innovative and technologically advanced way and hence arises the special division of internal spaces, which not only has to do with traditional doors, but with sliding panels, a great solution when space is scarce.

Although that was his main intention, long ago, these types of doors take on a new dimension thanks to the diversification of measures that manage to create versatile rooms with new drives and new anchoring systems.

The new models leave the door view, not hidden inside a wall, so that the models are more personal and creative. In addition, new fittings and decorative guides are an incentive to avoid hide.


We must also mention the proposals presented for signing Giuseppe Bavuso Rimadesio. Siparium designs, the first patented sliding panels of aluminum and glass, and always made to order, the system has become one of its stars over the years.

Aura is a new stage in which the doors become invisible to blend into the wall. This is a lacquered glass surface, which coincides with the walls and has an aluminum minimum thickness. It has two-way opening system and completely invisible magnetic closure, allowing the traditional lock is not used. Its handle is a piece of the same color lacquered glass sheet.

The RasoParete firm commitment to integrated doors, both classic decorations and walls, with more current structure.

Ester Gomez, director of the communication department of Madysa distributor of this Italian firm, says his goal is “integration of a door in a wall decorated. The door defines a public space for private use and poor visibility helps to preserve this privacy. ”

And he notes that what he really intended, is to create “a process in which the door is not functioning as an element of distortion minimalist environment”, so looking for an aesthetic solution for all kinds of places and spaces.

This type of door jambs not carried in any of the two sides of the wall and is perfectly smoothed by one of the sides. A perfect setting for dividing spaces.