Businesses are heading towards online space. Pandemic has shown that only the digital world is something that they can sustain businesses. That’s why digital marketing is more powerful in 2021 than ever. Today we will focus on a few key aspects of digital marketing. 


Online social interactions

In 2020, many people saw that any kind of event can be held online. This includes fitness workouts, group or individual lessons, etc.


More and more attention is paid to interacting with bloggers and opinion leaders on the Internet. This applies not only to advertising of any goods or services. It is enough to attract such a person to your online event to generate interest from his audience.


The area of ​​analysis of the activity of opinion leaders is being developed separately. To improve the effectiveness of advertising, you need to take into account the blogger’s style of behavior, his media image and much more. This adds work to the public relations departments. Successful companies hire social media professionals (Instagram, TikTok, VKontakte, Facebook, and others).


Working with bloggers in 2020 has moved to a new level. The post count rate is hopelessly outdated. Already at the beginning of the year, it became clear that just placing a post with a beautiful advertisement is not enough. Bloggers, together with brands, began to develop full-fledged promotion strategies. The target audience warming up lasted for several days and even weeks. Not only bloggers but some kind Twitch streamers are also very popular. They are the same kind of bloggers but with their games streaming in front of millions of users. If you want to get the same results as Twitch popular influencers, then the first big step would be this – buy Twitch viewers. Gain more trust and popularity slowly rise into another level. 


But the pandemic has accelerated the development of influence marketing towards CPA / CPS monetization. Advertisers no longer pay per image. They expect conversions and leads from cooperation with bloggers and are ready to pay a percentage of sales. The reach and number of subscribers fade into the background, but the quality of the blogger’s target audience, conversion rate and paying capacity of subscribers are included in the KPIs of influencers. This trend will continue in 2021.


Development of chat bots

The modern approach to advertising does not imply large amounts of information for the client. It is only natural that an interested person will want to clarify certain points. The classic way of solving this problem involves the work of online consultants. The modern approach is chatbots.


Initially, these were simple programs that answered standard questions. Now they are engaged in a meaningful dialogue. Some people, after consultation, do not realize that they have communicated with the machine. The number one challenge in the field of dialogue marketing is to increase humanity and the ability to understand requests as accurately as possible.


Content generation by users (UGC)

Increasingly, marketers tend to move away from the system, when the audience is viewed only as a passive consumer. If you motivate users, many will start generating content for you on their own.


The most talked about example of such an ad campaign is from Reebok, where it was proposed to “switch from the needle of male approval to a male face.” This gave rise to the corresponding meme, which users generated in huge quantities – it did not go out of trends for several weeks. Reebok got free advertising with minimal investment.