A major car accident can impair serious and lifelong injuries. It is pretty common for Oregon car accidents to give pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists severe and permanent injuries. The severity of the accident will decide the compensation that you will receive. But make sure to consult a car accident attorney in Oregon to get a review of your case.


What are the two scenarios of an accident?


The injury’s seriousness will decide the compensation because the damages due to the accident can change how you function in your day-to-day life. A minor accident in which you suffer a leg sprain is not severe since you will need only some medications, a few days of missed payments from the office, and a minor pain trauma.


If it is a major accident in which you suffer a brain injury, it will be an uncertain situation to access until proper diagnosis since the injury can be internal. It will not only be painful but financially expensive. In some cases, brain injury may need surgery. Here you will get considerable compensation, keeping in mind the medical bills and future costs as well. Not to forget the pain and suffering along with it.


What are a few injuries that may result due to a car accident?


1) Bones issue:

Some accidents lead to disfiguration and breakage of bones which can ruin a person’s ability to do daily tasks. Recovery from such an injury is time-consuming, and it isn’t easy to return to work with full capacity.


2)Brain injuries:

The brain is an essential part that controls our nervous system. And any injury to the brain will severely affect a person and create challenging situations throughout life. These are the most expensive and critical surgeries of all.


3) Back issues:

The accidents majorly affect the back since a person sits while driving or riding and our back is at rest. A sudden brake or collision will shock the back muscles leading to an injury. Since we carry out all our daily stuff like walking, sitting, sleeping, etc., with the help of a strong back, any harm to the back will restrict the movement and leave the person helpless.



It is essential to get medical assistance immediately after an accident. Since the shock of the accident may mask its effect most of the time, we may not realize the internal bleedings or anything that leads to an issue later.