The most important thing you can do when planning your retirement is pick an area that will feel like home for as long as you live there.


Nowhere is as good at making you feel at home as the American South. This portion of the country is known for its welcoming attitude towards new transplants and ensuring that you become part of the community instead of just another house in your neighborhood.


These are three southern states you should consider retiring in that aren’t Florida and why they could be paradise to you!

Why the American South?

The south has plenty of reasons to move here, but most importantly for those reaching retirement age, it doesn’t have the icy cold that will cut through you in many other areas of the country.


Cold weather worsens joints and can make it harder to lead an active lifestyle. Most of the south doesn’t dip below freezing and offers the chance to enjoy a warmer and more comfortable climate. Of course, this depends on whether you’re avoiding the mountains or not!


Texas allows you to choose between desert, beach, or mountainous living and offers the chance at a life in a wildly fun state. Although this state has a strong personality that sets itself apart, it’s not full of just cowboys and rattlesnakes.


Those who move here for retirement usually end up in the area between Houston and Galveston, just a short drive to either the beach or the city so they can have either whenever they want. 

South Carolina

From the gorgeous shorelines to the deep Smoky Mountains, you’ll be amazed at what South Carolina has to offer. Charleston houses for sale show off the incredibly low property costs, and this state’s cost of living overall is low even within southern states.


Incredible opportunities for work and play are around every corner here. This is one of the most welcoming states, with residents more likely to feel like they’re part of a community than anywhere else. If you want to feel welcomed like you’re joining a family, South Carolina should be your choice!


Louisiana may not be what many consider a retirement state, but you can make it one if you want an area that gives you the chance to have fun! As long as you’re looking at properties at least twenty minutes away from New Orleans, you can find incredibly affordable homes.  


This means that you can travel into the city when you want to enjoy some excitement and enjoy the quieter rural life of your dreams during the rest of the time. The culture and food here are unlike anywhere else on Earth and are perfect for anyone wanting a fresh start.

The South Can Make Your Dreams Come True

If you’re ready to retire and you want to move somewhere that will feel like a vacation every day for the rest of your life, the south has that in store for you. Get to know these amazing states, and enjoy finding your future retirement community!