With vehicle advertising through decals, letters, and graphics, your business is garnering maximum exposure on the roads. Then, you need to ensure that your van lettering is simple, easy to read, and has clarity when it comes to your brand message. People who did not know your brand existed will now come to know about your business and products or services.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, it is easy to benefit from free advertising and exposure through vehicle decals. However, you need to use a van or car lettering smartly to pique more attention from your potential customers. Here are three tips and tricks to ensure maximum brand visibility from vehicle decals and lettering:

  1. Check the font styles

These days, you will find multiple fonts, and therefore, zeroing on one becomes a tad challenging. The best way to address this problem is by choosing fonts that tune with your brand theme. For instance, if you have a toy business to promote, use playful fonts. Look for a font style that is easy on the viewers’ eyes and is simple to read. Make sure your brand message is readable at the first glance. There is no point in using fonts that people find hard to read and strain their eyes.

Avoid cursive fonts. These lettering styles may look attractive but difficult to read on moving vehicles. You can opt for sans serif or serif font for easy readability when it comes to your vehicle lettering. These fonts are easy to read without any distractions for a long time. Keep in mind people driving on the road will see your vehicle lettering for fraction of a second.

  1. Use the right font colors

Color choice is an essential aspect of vehicle letters and decals. No matter what your van color is, choose contrasting colors for the lettering. For instance, if you have a white-colored mobile van, choosing light colors will not work because it would create readability issues. Again, when your commercial cab or van is painted in a dark color such as brown, avoid dark fonts. Then, you also need to factor in your logo color as well.

3 Tips to Ensure Maximum Brand Visibility out of Your Vehicle Lettering

When your van is green or red, opt for complementary shades. For instance, if your van or car is painted blue, then orange is the best tone to choose. If orange does not suit your brand, you can use white-colored fonts on blue.

  1. Keep your brand message simple

As far as visual marketing is concerned, follow the principle of less is more. Remember the commuters on the road will see your brand message for a split second and therefore, keep it concise, succinct, and short for quick reading. Include your business logo and slogan close in a strategic position so that these elements do not distract viewers while reading the brand message on your vehicle. Use the business phone number as well as the website address in simple fonts. In other words, keep your message to the point.

Final thoughts

Choose the right fonts, colors, and keep messaging simple and clear when it comes to your vehicle lettering. You aim to make more people read your vehicle ads easily and quickly.