This inspiration is for those looking for rounds and circles in web design. This composition has 35+ websites with creative circular elements for inspiration. These round elements in these web sites have been used creative and beautiful to get inspired.

We can find lots of inspirations on round elements used in web design, but today’s article is a fresh look at some of the most beautiful websites I’ve come across with energy in them. These examples of web designs have been well crafted and I have fallen in love with some of these designs.

Here goes the 35+ web design examples with beautiful round elements to your inspiration:

1) Andefined

2) Mostly Serious

3) CZK

4) Sergiopedercini

5) Malet

6) Rezon

7) Gozu

8) Have Kommunikation

9) Awesome NYC

10) Andrescarnederes

11) Like That Only

12) Wave Of Ideas

13) Hannah King

14) JUX Digital

15) Urgan Gap

16) Kashoo

17) Matteozanga

18) Caava Design

19) Savoirs Partages

20) Nobo

21) Chienjaune Studio

22) Ayre Hoteles

23) Pretty Polka Spot

24) The Autumns Rain

25) Fast Fender

26) Edograndinetti

27) Privaatdisain

28) 7even

29) Agencialeggo

30) Cappuccino Digital

31) Picasso Denteq

32) Cross Cross Coffee Cup

33) No Leath

34) Ishu+

35) Raduga Ikra

36) RaNa Design

Hope you enjoyed today’s article on examples of circles in web design inspiration. We are always in the hunt for new and fresh designs across the web. We are always happy to list them in our website. If a great site has not known to us, has not been listed in here, please do let us know by comment.


130 Web Design Resources List for Inspiration – trg customer solution

Inspiring design resources list composed with passion, zeal and love. This article contains a huge list of about 130 design resources ranging from design blogs to sites teaching web coding.

Web design is a trending word and is always ever changing daily. There are numerous designers(budding and experienced) searching for new design resources and inspirations from the world wide web daily. There are obviously N number of design sites and resources, but finding them all at one single place is really hard. This article is not just going to help the beginners to find the right resources but even the experienced lot to get inspired. Hope this article is really going to inspire the true designers.

This article is divided into 12 sections:

  • Design Blogs
  • Design Coomunity, Showcase and Sharing
  • Icons Archives
  • Textures & Patterns
  • Graphics, Photography & Images – Free Stock Photography and Images
  • Logo Inspiration
  • Fonts and Typography
  • Free Stuffs
  • Web Coding Knowledge Resources – HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, PHP
  • Tools for web designing
  • Photoshop Tutorials
  • Gimp Tutorials, Resources and Community


30+ Free 3D Web UI Kit PSDs for Web Designers – trg customer solution

Web developers and graphic designers definitely require some great 3D elements to quench their creativity and wonderful work well finished. Having some free 3D web UI kits for download form Internet, which are made especially from Adobe Photoshop can truly inspire them. Every graphic designer loves to design one and have one of these. Hence, thought of sharing some impressive and beautiful web UI kits for free download from all across the web. This article is not just for young designers for inspirations, but also for those who are looking for some great web UI kit to design their web applications and websites much elegant. Here is the list of free 3D web UI kit to download:

1) Simple 3D UI Kit Free PSD

2) 3D Web UI KIT

3) Moonify 3D UI KIT

4) Baby Blue 3D UI KIT

5) Free 3D Web UI Elements KIT

6) Minimalist Dark PSD 3D Web UI Set

7) Blue Milk 3D UI Kit

8) Milky 3D UI KIT PSD


10) Dark 3D UI KIT(Part 1 of 2)

11) Dark 3D UI Kit (Part 2 of 2)

12) Creamy 3D UI Kit

13) Detailed 3D UI Kit

14) Clean and Usable 3D UI Kit

15) Aresio 3D Web UI Kit

Hope the list inspires you. Please share your thoughts with us via comments and also don’t forget to mention your find of 3d web ui kit if we have missed out.



How to Create a Fixed Sidebar Website Layout? – trg customer solution

A website with professional look is always preferred by many bloggers and website owners. Especially, if you are a web designer, then your blog needs to be something unique and beautiful. Creating a website with fixed sidebars, can be something nice to have and admire.

There are design websites with fixed sidebar, the one I love the most is Web Designer Wall blog. Here is a snapshot of that website:

Demo of my creation at the below links:


This tutorial is quite simple. The logic behind this tutorial is not by laying two layouts side to side using “float” attributes as it is generally done for arranging layouts commonly in web designing. The logic behind this tutorial is by specifying a “width” for the sidebar and by making the position of the sidebar “fixed“.

Here is a simpler illustration of how the layout is arranged using HTML and CSS:

HTML Markup:

<!DOCTYPE html>

<html lang=”en”>




<div id=”sidebar”>


<div id=”content”>




CSS for the Above layout:

#sidebar {  position: fixed;  top: 40px;  left: 40px;  width: 200px;  border-right:1px solid #aaa;} #content {  margin: 0 40px 40px 280px;}

As simple as that. Here you can see that, we don’t use any float attributes for the sidebar and content sections. This is the simple logic behind this fixed sidebar theory. The order of the layout is first “Sidebar” and then “Content” in this case for the sidebar to appear on the left. To make the sidebar to appear on the right, then you need to make the reverse order of first “Content” and then “Sidebar” with some adjustments on margin and position.

Here is final product I designed using HTML5 and some CSS3 properties for the web layout using fixed sidebar on the left:

Please let us know if you have any doubts regarding this layout and other related arrangements, we will help you solve them. Please go ahead and express your views via comments.