Ensuring the safety of students on school premises is one of the top priorities of schools around the world. With experienced security staff on the ground to using identity management equipment like badge buddies could help schools offer students a secure learning environment.


According to NCES, around 75% of public primary schools in the US require faculty and staff to wear badges or picture IDs. Badges are a popular safety measure employed across schools and other sectors as well.


Here, look at different badge accessories that could help your security staff perform their job better.


5 Badge Accessories You Need for Your School Security Staff


Badge Buddies


If you are looking for a solution that lets you identify security personnel with ease, even from a distance, then this is the badge accessory you want to invest in. A badge buddy is a colored badge that you can wear behind your existing badge or access card.


The badge buddy is available in horizontal and vertical standard badge sizes. You can create a color-coding scheme for the school security staff with the help of this equipment. For example, one could use red badges for supervisors and blue badges for security personnel stationed around school premises.

5 Badge Accessories You Need for Your School Security Staff

You could customize badges to add in employee titles. The security team makes for an important part of the school staff. The idea behind this color coding is to identify security staff even in the middle of crowds quickly. For example, you see a blue-colored badge, and you know you can reach out to them for any help.


Badge Holders


You can safely carry your badges inside badge holders and protect them against routine wear and tear. These holders come with a plastic or vinyl cover that lets you display your badge clearly at all times. These badge holders come in various shapes, sizes, and types, such as:


  • Vertical/horizontal clear rigid badges
  • Rigid vertical/horizontal card holder
  • Frosted rigid half card holder
  • Armband ID holder
  • Standard vinyl badge holder
  • Oversized badge holder and many more


Depending on the type of badge holder you choose, they can be water-resistant, protect your card from wind, dust, and keep your RFID chips safe.


If you want your school security staff to stand out, you can opt for armband badge holders with reflective or glow-in-the-dark material. With such features, one can easily identify security personnel in the dark of the night.


Badge Reels


Badge reels offer a secure way of keeping badges or access cards on display at all times. Lanyards are a popular way to wear badges around one’s neck. But as the strap moves away from the body and can swing or get caught on the door, they remain to be a safety hazard. In case of a security situation on school premises, they can turn into a choking hazard.


A badge reel eliminates these risks. Using a reel, you can keep the badge close to your body. It does not hinder your movement and helps you perform your job better. Your badge is on display and can be used to access school areas quickly and efficiently, owing to the retractable mechanism.


Visitor Management


You can help your security staff by implementing a uniform visitor management policy. Every visitor that steps onto school premises should be easily identifiable. You can use specialized visitor badges or wristbands for this purpose.


You could also use the badge buddies mentioned above and assign a unique colored badge to visitors. The same strategy can be applied to non-school personnel like repair or maintenance workers.


Card Printing Supplies


If you want to print your badges in-house, you can do so with the right ribbon and lamination supplies. You have more control over how the card will be printed and what purpose they serve.


For example, suppose a visitor needs a parking space for a week at the school premises. In that case, your security team can design and print the badges according to the color schemes established beforehand.


With card printing supplies, you can customize badges according to your school colors. You decide what color goes on them, names, titles, and so on. You cut the middle man and avoid the risk of any information being leaked.



Badges are a simple but effective way of enforcing security measures on school premises. Accessories like badge buddies help identify individuals, even from a distance, who can be reached out for help in case of any emergencies. Provide your security team with other accessories such as badge holders and reels to help them stand out and perform their job better.