Rolex has been in the watchmaking industry for more than a century now. Whenever they release new editions, expect that people will flock to own these versions. In return, Rolex always ensures that the iterations will surely wow their patronizers with the upgrades.


This year, the brand made some updates over the iterations they made for their watch models. The company said that it would unveil at least 16 new models in 2021. As Explorer II celebrates its 50th anniversary, sports watches have always been the most anticipated for the brand. Still in addition, they are even more interesting new models that you will want to catch. Find out more about the latest trends that Rolex has set for 2021.

1.  Explorer II – Movement Upgrades ($8,550)

Rolex Explorer II is celebrating its 50th birthday, and everyone is anticipating something significant from it. Although, it did not happen. What we all know now as the Explorer II, one that has all the Rolex’s features and technology, remains the same. If you are going to look at the appearance, they are almost the same. The only difference is that the movement was upgraded.


The mechanism upgraded to automatic 3285 and now has a 70-hour power reserve. Not only does the Explorer II feature movement, but the entire Explorer II has been refined. Additional upgrades include Chromalight illumination to help with low-light visibility, a thinner case, and a more recent Rolex Oyster bracelet. You are getting the same now with improved features for the same fantastic Explorer II with black or white dial options.

2.   Daytona – The Meteorite Dial ($34,050-$43,700)

The brand includes several unique versions of current watches with its new launches, a strategy common among brands seeking to broaden their appeal. Like other years, this year’s dial is patterned by a meteorite. A meteorite is a type of rock from space that lands on Earth. They have a higher iron and nickel percentage, resulting in a distinct and unique-looking dial pattern.


For reference, models that have been used in the past to have a meteorite dial makeover included the GMT Master II. This year, it was Daytona’s turn. In addition to this, the Daytona line of watches consists of three variants using meteorite dials, and they are matched to 18k white gold, yellow gold, or Everose gold cases.


However, the white gold version is quite different from the two. On its meteorite dial comes the classic Daytona design. Its size has a 40mm diameter. What makes it stand out is the black Cerachrom bezel and the tachymetric scale molded in the ceramic directly.

3.  Datejust 36 – The Palm-leaf Dial Theme ($7,050-$11,700)

The three new Datejust 36 models, each with a distinctive palm-leaf dial theme, are nicknamed the “Jungle Datejusts.” Each of the three watches featured has a leafy design printed on its dial, and a gorgeous rendering of palm fronds is displayed in either green, gold, or silver.


  • The Oyster steel case has a green option that leaves an impression of green forests and nature.
  • Yellow Rolesor (gold and Oystersteel) has a golden palm dial.
  • Everose Rolesor has a silver palm dial.
  • The yellow Rolesor Datejust 36 is the last of the new designs, with a distinctive fluted pattern with strong geometric lines. The design appears to be inspired by the classic fluted bezel.


It fits very nicely with the industry’s overall green dial trend for the steel version. The movement used is Caliber 3235, with 100m water resistance, and still holds the Superlative Chronometer certification, ensuring excellent performance.

4.   GMT Master II – Pepsi & Batman’s Now in Oyster Bracelets ($9,500)

On the website, the brand made two modest yet substantial adjustments without any notice.  The steel GMT Master II “Pepsi 126710BLRO” and “Batman 126710BLNR ” versions were formerly only available on a Jubilee-style bracelet. Many Rolex enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that they are now available on the brand’s Oyster bracelets as well. The Oyster variant costs $200 less than the Jubilee version.


In 2021, you will be able to order either a Jubilee bracelet or an Oyster bracelet for the 126710BLNR and 126710BLRO. Both have polished center links and brushed outside links and the folding Oysterlock safety clasp and Easylink 5 mm extension link. The brand provides yet another layer of GMT-Master II selection by reinstating the popular three-link Oyster bracelet in addition to the much-loved “Pepsi” and “Batman” references.

5.  Explorer – The Major Change ($6,450-$10,800)

As with all other essential Rolex watches, the Explorer and the Explorer II are substantially different. Rolex, however, concentrates on a single collection with its watch model revisions. Despite the Explorer’s 70th birthday not occurring until 2023, the Explorer model got significant changes: the change in diameter of 3mm and the new movement.


A dramatic change in this watch’s design is found by moving the measurement from 39mm to 36mm. The 36mm diameter traces its roots back to the original model from 1953, but it also fills a gap in Rolex’s current sports watch collection. To make the model even more appealing, the Explorer now has the latest automatic movement, the Rolex 3230.


Also, the dial has been updated with black lacquer, with Chromalight lume for the hands and indexes. This upgrade is remarkable because the Explorer has never been offered in two-tone steel or gold before. For the first time, they are now an addition to an all-steel version.

Final Thoughts

Rolex lovers always look forward to this brand’s new releases. It’s not a question, though, given the remarkable features Rolex has been offering over the years. Each model, new or upgraded, is undeniably better than the previous ones, giving Rolex another recognition.


The new watch releases of 2021 will again capture the hearts of its fans. Are you one of them? Visit our website to find the latest Rolex timepieces that you are looking for. At Watch Shopping, you are assured of great deals and service. So send us your order now!