Like gold, silver is also an important metal for gifting. It can be used for various occasions such as weddings and anniversaries. While gold is typically only used as jewelry, silver has its uses in vessels, glasses, and an array of gifting items. Its unique properties make it look good and are believed to offer health benefits.

Many couples that get married end up not using the gifts they receive because they do not have use for them. Giving sterling silver gifts for a marriage celebration should come from the heart and be something the couple can use. Nothing is better than your recipient getting a gift they love and will cherish the rest of their life, whether it be beautiful jewelry from Silpada or a piece of décor for their home.

Below is a list of top silver gifts to consider for a marriage celebration. Each option will be sure to get well-received by the couple. Take time to learn their tastes and then find a gift in your budget.


1. Silver Serving Tray

A sterling silver service tray is a wedding gift that is sure to impress. This item comes with a silver plate and two sets of spoons. This elegant silver tray can be engraved with details of a special occasion, such as the couple’s initials and wedding date.


2. Dining Sets Made Of Silver

If you have a bigger budget, a silver dining set may be the best gift idea for the happy couple. These delicate yet colorful plates and utensils will surely impress newly-wedded couples. They will also make a prized possession for life. If your budget is tight, you could consider a smaller dining set or splitting the cost of a full dining set with another guest.

5 Silver Gifts to Consider for Marriages

3. Silver Photo Frames

Once the couple is married, they will surely have plenty of photos of their special day to display around their home. Because of this, silver photo frames would make the perfect gift to give them. Nothing is better than giving a gift you are certain will be well-received and utilized.


4. Silver Wine Glasses

Silver wedding flutes, or wine glasses, are another great wedding gift idea for that special couple. This type of gift item would make a great wedding present for the couple who love to indulge in champagne. It’s a silver item that’s suitable for both men and women. Even if the couple doesn’t drink wine or champagne, they can be used at their home when guests come over.


5. Silver Vermillion Box

If you are attending an Indian wedding and need a unique silver gift idea, a Vermillion/Kumkum box is a great idea. It is a traditional wedding gift in the culture, and that makes the significance of the gift even greater. There are many patterns to consider for the box, including elephants and floral patterns. It can even be personalized with the couple’s initials. Depending on your budget, the box can vary in shape, design, size, and pattern.

These are just a handful of sterling silver gift ideas to consider when you have a wedding to attend and need to bring a present. A silver wedding gift should be a unique and memorable one that can be used and treasured by the recipients.