Halo extensions have been popular among celebrities and those who instantly want to have longer, luscious hair. These extensions are known for their ability to blend in naturally and seamlessly with your natural hair.

But because they come in different textures and sizes, it can be challenging to know how to apply them or style them properly without showing how fake they look.

Here’s a guide on what you need to do to make the most out of your halo hair extensions:


  1. Style Your Hair Before Your Halo Extensions Are Applied

This may sound simple, but you cannot apply your halo hair extensions until you’ve styled your natural hair as much as possible. Since the only thing the halo extensions will be attached to is your natural hair, you must style your natural hair to get the best volume and fullness.


  1. Air Dry Your Natural Hair First

It’s best to let your natural hair air dry first before applying your halo hair extension. When you put this off, you’ll find yourself with flat roots and too much volume at the tip, making it seem like there are two layers in your hair.

If you try to curl or straighten this kind of styling, the clips won’t grip appropriately on the wet roots, creating an uneven look. So make sure that anything you do to achieve lift at the root is done before applying any heat to your hair.


  1. Comb Your Hair Outwards From the Roots

When attaching any extension, be it clip-in or halo hair extensions, you want to start at the roots and work your way down so that you get even coverage across all your natural hair.

So when combing out your natural hair with a brush before adding in your halo extensions, make sure that you start at the roots and move slowly downward, towards the tips, so there isn’t an obvious line showing where the new hair starts.


  1. Be Careful When Straightening Your Root Area With Halo Extensions

This step is essential since straightening the root area of medium to coarse textured hair can be detrimental for anyone using halo extensions.

Since the halo hair extensions are attached to your roots, straightening this area will cause the halo hair extension to burn, and can leave an odor on your clip-ins.


  1. Follow Your Halo Hair Extension Instructions

You should follow the extension attachment and styling instructions given by the manufacturer of your halo extensions so that you can also have an idea of how long it’ll take you to take them off.

Some clips don’t require heat while others do, but knowing ahead of time what type of heat is needed for application makes everything easier.


  1. Cut Your Halo Extensions With Scissors Only

Since these hair extensions are made out of natural human hair, it goes without saying that using anything but metal scissors is not recommended.

This goes for using tape to secure your halo extensions in place, using glue or any other adhesive, or even tying the hair together with a thread. Just make sure you don’t use anything else besides your metal scissor when it’s time to cut out the clips from your natural hair too.


  1. Use Bobby Pins to Secure Your Halo Extensions

If you’re getting ready and realize that there isn’t enough root volume where you need it, consider using bobby pins as a temporary solution until you can pop out your halo extensions and reattach them again.

Pull back some of your roots and secure at the scalp by folding over and lightly pressing onto skin with bobby pins.


  1. Wash Your Halo Extensions Before Reattaching Them

Once you’ve worn your halo extensions, it’s best to wash them before you try to reapply them again.

If you wait too long after wearing your hair extensions, dirt and oils from the top of your head will get into the base that was previously in contact with your scalp, resulting in reactions or breakouts on the skin the adhesive has become compromised.

So, washing your halo extensions before wearing them again is the best way to keep everything clean and avoid any possible mishaps.

There are a lot of styles and things to consider when it comes to wearing halo extensions. From knowing how long you can wear them for, figuring out what kind of heat will be needed, making sure you’re washing your halo hair extensions before reattaching, and more.

If you follow these extension application and styling tips, then you’ll know what’s safe for you.