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Pentax Optio 550 a2cl services llc

Looking through the glass counter at the digital camera booth in the big tech store can be quite daunting. There are literally hundreds of cameras to choose from, some only differing from others by one or two offered features. Take the safe way out of this mess by going with the camera that offers it all, the Pentax Optio 550.

The first thing that will catch your eye will be the brush-metal front of the camera. Its flashiness suggesting to you that it’s worth a peek. The tiny 1.5-inch silver camera indeed has everything. Nearly all compact digital camera features available on the market come with the 550.

5 megapixels might appear like a small amount, and it is if your purpose is to create very large prints, but for the Facebook-friendly album photos, this camera is probably going to give the best quality images around.

The Optio 550 boasts an optical viewfinder as well as an auto-focus viewfinder. This feature simply adds to the romanticism of the little beast. The only part of the camera that comes as somewhat of a surprise is the stark choice of plastic for the tripod threads on the bottom of the camera and for the side compartments where connections, the battery and the memory card are housed.

The camera offers an advanced 5x optical zoom, a full loop ahead of the competitions’ 4x optical zoom. Photos appear sharp, and the brilliant LCD screen is clear and legible. It might appear like a maze at times with all the status numbers and icons, but a simply switching off of the display deals with that tiny annoyance in a second.

The buttons are easy to use, and have a good feeling to them. When trying out cameras, users should press the buttons; it’s surprising how button comfort can affect your choice. The programming software is easy to use, with logical navigational menus.

Other features that the camera boasts are a double exposure option, the ability to fast forward in video playback, a 3D shooting option, a macro feature that focuses under one inch, time-lapse photography (lovely), and more. At their fingertips users have the ability to dictate how the photo comes out. From white balance adjustment, contrast and exposure controls, sharpness and saturation options, the 550 is an advanced little machine.

Although a little slow to turn on, the nine program modes, excellent image quality and good low light functionality make the Optio 550 one of the best compact digital cameras on the market.


dell latitude 2120 a2cl services llc

For people who are in search of the perfect business netbook, the Dell Latitude 2120 is a fascinating contender. It is portable which makes it the ideal choice of people who travel frequently. It is also comfortable to use and does exceedingly well performance-wise. As with anything in the world, it is not without some flaws. One thing that brought its rating down a bit is the tiny trackpad. Likewise, the internal hard drive of the netbook is relatively small as compared to others in the same or lesser price range.

The Dell Latitude 2120 was manufactured to have both a distinctive look and feel. This is brought about by the rubberized exterior it has which encompasses the lid and also the bottom panel of the netbook. The keyboard is still of average size. There is no numpad which is pretty standard for small to average sized netbooks. The upside is that even if the keyboard is small, you do not find hands cramped together. It is much more comfortable to work on.

Viewing HD videos is not possible on this netbook. Its 10.1 inch display is more suited for ordinary applications as it allows only a 1024×600 resolution. The netbook does make up for this by producing consistent audio. There are two speakers positioned on either side of the display. Clarity is not a problem and audio qualityis significantly better than expected.

Sadly, there are only two USB 2.0 ports on this netbook. Most users carry with them a cooling pad and a mouse. That will take up all available ports on this netbook. There is no other alternative but to get an additional USB hub or grab a cooling pad that has additional USB ports.

On a more positive note, the integrated webcam on the 2120 is better than expected. Its specification is 2 megapixels which is above the standard for these netbooks. There are also Kensington Lock slots provided for added security. There is one on each side of the netbook.

Lastly, the battery life of the Latitude 2120 is pretty fair. The netbook can last up to 7 hours without any AC power. This makes it perfect for business purposes as there are approximately 8 working hours every day. Overall, the Dell Latitude 2120 seems a bit steep for its price. It ranks a little high in ergonomics and above average in performance. The netbook makes up for it by having decent additional features which will surely attract a wide range of consumers.