My standard lifestyle choice is to build a relationship, have some children and work hard to support the family. I can consider the following alternative lifestyles:

Become a digital gypsy and work remotely all over the world. Live in multi-style or completely open relationships with multiple partners. The decision to have no children will be different from the usual procedure. Decide on a person and never adapt to any teammates on the court, or deliberately avoid any relationship.

My life is devoted to any form of religion, god, worship or spirituality – such as monk style. Create or join a community where people can share some living spaces and share work to help the group. The entire focus is on business, company and wealth.

How do you live an alternative life?

Nowadays, some people can choose to watch TV shows or travel to space. A car accident on the sofa is a bit difficult, and it might rain. These and other factors, such as the cost and enjoyment of baseball, will affect me.

Most alternatives have different options, and sometimes they are infinitely wide. You exist because there are multiple options.

You can walk from there, or do other types of work or study. You can do your own things, usually do things your own way, set your own rules, never listen to others, and only by yourself, you can find the love in life from negation. All these make you happy. can do

If life is like a river, we would not look at it from the shore. On the contrary, we are by the river and we keep going.

What is an alternative lifestyle in a marriage?

Remember this man, the true meaning of marriage has changed. In fact, it is difficult for people to change their opinions and understandings over time. I mean taking the dowry as an example. At first, relatives first blessed them with some gifts, and then people need to pay tribute to the bride, and the bride is now the cause of the dowry.

 For anyone seeking an alternative marriage. No. Only when both spouses do not wish to replace or do not have a surgeon should they get married. Marriage is the bond of the soul.

Adoption, social service and even your passion are some things that can be achieved without marriage. I doubt that these can be achieved through marriage.

What are the different lifestyles?

There are some types of lifestyle…

 Physically – Some people’s only goal is to ” work hard, most of the time “, they only believe in making money and spending on alcohol, women and everything.

Body + Spirit – These people work, earn money, and spend some time visiting temples, churches, etc., and believe that they can maintain their health. In order to maintain this state, people must obey God as well as God. Health status.

Spirituality – Few people like this love and serve God and preach spirituality such as the Holy Spirit to others.

The Eastern Orthodox Jews are guiding the law every hour of the day, and the law comes from the Torah and the Talmud. From birth to death, this is a clear way of life.

Artists, scientists, computer programmers, and others who are interested in a particular field. The system can control your life, which is the most important thing in your life. This is a craze that requires discipline, but it may be as demanding as any of the above.