Thanks to the existence of applications to get organized, it is possible to increase the productivity of both students and professionals.


A good organization of tasks and making the relevant notes will be key to progress day by day and facilitating both the student and his family, as well as the work team, the management of a schedule.


For this reason, we would like to show you our selection of the 10 most valuable applications to get organized that can currently be found in the different Stores or mobile stores. Many of them can even be synchronized on other devices to keep the information always up to date.



This mobile app, available on Android and iOS, allows you to organize each of your tasks by creating lists, reminders, calendars, and planners, so you don’t forget any obligation or significant event.


Among the different tools and options it offers, unique reminders in audio, recurring, or location-based reminders stand out. As well as the ability to create a shopping list in which items are automatically sorted it also allows you to import recipes. In addition, any type of list or reminder can be shared with others, such as classmates or family. This way everyone will be aware of birthdays, the shopping list or exams.


They can also be synced with other devices, such as smartwatches, Google assistants, Siri, or Alexa.



It is an application with which you can organize yourself academically, professionally, and personally. It allows you to create your own space and a system of notebooks in which to write down ideas and the most important information. In addition, you can add more than just text in the notes: you can include photos, files, and to-do lists. Thanks to Evernote’s Web Clipper, web pages, images, and PDF files can be saved and annotated.


When it comes to locating a note, the system features powerful search tags and keywords, even if the words appear in photos, images scanned from whiteboards, business cards, handwritten text, or documents.


Unlike most note-taking apps, this one is compatible with all mobile devices. And it can also be accessed through the web app, which is fully functional as it allows online access to all its functions from any of the major browsers.



Although it may seem that it is just another application to organize and increase productivity, it has the added bonus of supporting MarkDown to style the text you write.


Through this app, you can create different lists in which to add each of the daily or weekly tasks: shopping, pending work and homework, tidying the room, attend extracurricular classes. Each task can be sorted by priority, and you can add alerts not to forget to do them on time.


Its interface is very simple and can be used natively on Windows and macOS or from the web if you use Linux. It also has Android and iOS apps and can be synchronized with the iPad and iWatch.



This task manager can be helpful for students, creatives, developers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and microenterprises.


The software allows you to have a basic idea of all the pending tasks to always keep them in mind in a list of essential tasks. To do this, you can assign priority levels and tasks reminders and customize the work panels.


To locate a group of tasks, you can use tags and add filters and group them by the due date or responsible person, among other options.


Other valuable features include linking Todoist to files, email, or calendars. And you can also set daily and weekly goals, as well as visualize productivity trends. In addition, all the information stays perfectly synchronized on any other device.



This platform was created to fulfill the 1, 3, 5 productivity processes. This means that you should accomplish 1 large, 3 medium, and 5 small tasks in a productive workday.


Under this concept, it gives you the possibility to create lists and assign priorities to the tasks, although in 135List, you can make all kinds of lists: from the college to-do list to the shopping list.


There is no app to download, but it works directly from the web browser on any device. All are compatible with Android, iPhone, tablets, Mac, Windows, and Linux. You can add 135List to the cell phone’s home screen to use as any other application or even install the Google Chrome extension.



Formerly known as HabitRPG, this is an open-source online task management application that takes the form of a role-playing game, unlike most task management programs.


It is presented as a video game inspired by medieval times in which it is necessary to perform different tasks to advance levels. Each user can create their character and add habits, tasks, or daily objectives to accomplish. As these tasks are completed, the character unlocks in-game features such as battle armor, mysterious pets, magical abilities, and even quests. In addition, with the gold earned by fighting monsters with other Habitica users, you can buy in-game or customized rewards, such as watching an episode of your favorite TV series.


And if, on the other hand, tasks are not performed at the right time, the character can even lose his or her life.


Microsoft One Note

This Microsoft tool is a cross-functional digital notepad that can also be used as a day-to-day organizer.


Each notepad can be divided into sections and pages. In addition, thanks to its navigation, easy search, and tags, you will find your notes exactly where you left them.


It is ideal for taking notes in class and not losing sight of them or writing down any important matter, as it even allows you to draw ideas and review the notes written with a pencil or your finger. It also allows you to record audio notes, insert online videos and add files. And share each notepad with classmates, co-workers, friends, and family.



This is a perfect app for those who need to organize themselves in a group: work or project colleagues, friends, families.


This app has a calendar, a shopping list, notes, a phone book, weekly menus, and the option to upload photos.


All the information is synchronized, which means that any note, modification, or annotation that is deleted within the shared space is automatically notified to the rest of the members who have permission in that module. In addition, there is no limit to the number of members, and there is a permission system to decide who can view or edit each module. I use it personally, and always see when guys from my team write my paper for me in this app. You can even create private lists and modules.


The application is available for Android and iOS.



This app, only available for Android, is handy as it facilitates homework organization, school, and university. In each note, you can include information of interest, such as the subject’s name, the classroom in which it is taught, and the teacher or the day of the exam.


In addition, it includes a notification service, which can be reviewed in either of its two display modes: in the list and grid form. The app also silences the phone during lessons and synchronizes information with your connected Android devices.


Smart School Agenda

It is possibly one of the apps that act as the complete digital school agenda. It allows you to add homework and pending exercises, manage the time spent on each task or subject, note the date of exams, and even absences.


It also has a table of grades per subject with different evaluation systems such as numerical (0,1,2,3…) or alphabetical (A+, F…). And you can customize the timetable with different themes, colors, and time settings, among other functions.


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