You can bet on the favorite in basketball for odds higher than 2.00. We tell you when and how to catch handicaps in live basketball.

Betting on favorites in basketball usually goes with odds below 1.70. At the distance, you will go negative because of margins and sensations. In this article we will learn how to choose games for betting on favorites in basketball and increase the odds at the expense of handicaps.

How to choose games for betting on favorites in basketball

In the strategy of betting on the favorite in basketball is important pre-match selection of games. Betting on a strong team with odds of 1.10-1.40 makes no sense.


At the distance, such strategies of betting on the victory of favorites lead to minus.


During the selection of matches find meetings where the favorite with a high probability will win with a handicap of ten points or more.


Various factors contribute to this.


The favorite plays at home and wants to please their fans.

The hosts lost in the last match and want to rehabilitate.

All key performers of the favorite approached the match in good shape.

The hosts have tournament motivation.

The home team wins many matches in a row and wants to set a club record for the winning streak.

The coach’s increased motivation is a possible resignation due to a loss, unconvincing game or vice versa – the upcoming signing of a new contract.

Basketball betting strategy on the favorite of the game

In order for a remote betting strategy on the favorite to bring profit, raise the odds to the level of 2.50-3.50. This is done with a minus handicap.


If the odds on the favorite to win the match is 1.50-1.60, the handicap from (-6) to (-8) will go for about 2.50-2.70. A special role will be played by the ability to choose the right game.


For example, let’s take the Euroleague match “Khimki” – “Fenerbahce”, which took place on March 6, 2020. “Khimki played at home and were considered the favorite.

Basketball favorite betting strategy: win the game and quarters live

They were given odds of 1.60 to win. However, we could bet on handicaps (-7) for 2.50 and (-8) for 2.80.


These odds were valueless due to a number of factors:


The home team was in good shape: they had won several VTB United League and Euroleague games.

“Khimki wanted to make up for their disappointing loss to Zalgiris in the previous round of the Euroleague.

All five Russian starting five players were in great shape heading into the game.

That is why a handicap (-7) or (-8) bet was worthwhile. As a result, Khimki won 82-68.



Betting on favorites in basketball by quarters

Another opportunity to catch good odds is betting on the favorite in basketball by quarters.


Two options are most commonly used here:


A bet with a minus handicap on the first quarter. The favorite can create an advantage at the very beginning of the match.

Betting on the victory of the favorite in one of the quarters in play. If the outsider wins the game, you can check the favorite with a handicap in the next game segment.

Both of these strategies of betting on basketball by quarters also let’s analyze on the example of the mentioned match “Khimki” – “Fenerbahce”:


For the first quarter, the bet “Home team victory with a handicap (-3.5)” went with odds of 2.50. It played as the ten-minute period ended with a score of 26-18.

Khimki lost the second ten minutes with a score of 15-22. In the following quarters the home team would need to increase its lead. Thus, in the third quarter, Khimki would win for 1.40. A handicap (-4.5) was available for 2.40. Such a live bet would have yielded a win, since the total for the quarter was 23-14 in favor of the home team.

Thus, three valid bets could have been placed on the favorite in one game. By winning the game, the home team would have made a good profit.


But if you lost a bet on the first quarter, you could go plus in the next ten minutes in play.


Basketball is suitable for betting on favorites because of the choice of in-play events: quarters, halves, the whole game and possible overtime.


Learn to pick games where the stronger opponent is maximally motivated for a big win.