My job is with an online company selling sports paraphernalia that sells various basketball equipment and apparel. Potential customers often have difficulty deciding what product to purchase and which will best suit their needs. Most confusion surrounds basketball standards, hoops, goals, and the implications of each. Here’s the scoop on each.

Basketball Standard: The most expensive of all the basketball standards. They can be portable or stationary. You should consider the basketball system you see in the NBA and on the playground when you think about basketball standards. A basketball standard refers to the whole package, including the rim, backboard, and net.

Basketball Hoop: Little Johnny writes to Santa Claus asking for a basketball hoop for Christmas. A basketball hoop does not include the whole package. The basketball hoop combines a net, backboard, and rim. It does not include a pole. Imagine your high school gym.

You probably had a basketball court in your high school gym, which was most likely used by the boys basketball team for practice. You also had basketball hoops along the walls. A basketball hoop can be attached to any existing structure by attaching a rim, backboard, and net.

Basketball Goal: This particular piece of equipment gets its name from its intended use. A goal is something you aim for. The goal in sports is often the place you score the most points. Basketball is no different. The goal is simply another name for the rim.

It is essential to understand the technical terms used in each sport when purchasing equipment. You may accidentally buy equipment that you do not need.