The number of watch enthusiasts these days is rapidly increasing. If you are one of them, have you heard about Breitling watches?

Breitling is an independent watchmaking company, which started its journey in this industry in 1884. They produce and supply timepieces perfect for both land and water use. The company launched its very first watch to the public in 1923. After a few years, the brand made quite innovations in the modern chronograph. The company is the one who developed another pusher allowing the user to enable-disable the stopwatch. A winding crown and two pushers are the most popular innovations made by the said watch brand.

Despite being an independent company, Breitling has produced several timepieces with distinct functional capabilities. It made them one of the well-known watch manufacturers from the start until these days. The company is not only popular but also reputable.

Distinctive Features of Breitling Watches

There are lots of reasons behind the popularity of Breitling. Beyond providing top-rated timepieces, Breitling is a famous watchmaker because of the unique features they integrate into each watch model. Each feature in each watch is integrated precisely and accurately. Some of these features are listed below:

1.   Pre-built Antenna System

This feature is notable in Breitling Emergency watches. You can turn on this system by opening its bottom crown. The pre-built antenna system works by sending notifications to the rescuers about your location if an emergency happened.

2.   Slide Rule Bezel

This feature is essential for pilots. It is notable in Breitling watches designed for aircraft operators. Slide rule bezel work as digital calculators. You can use it to calculate division and multiplication with ease and convenience.

3.   Water-Resistance

This feature is present in Breitling watches exclusive for divers. Water-resistant watches are well-known as they work even under 3,000 meters of water deep.

Top Four Breitling Watch Collections

Breitling has been a well-known brand in the watchmaking industry. By visiting their official website, you will discover all the reasons behind their popularity for the last several years. Their watches are worn by many well-known celebrities, including Adam Driver, Charlize Theron, and Brad Pitt.

If you plan to buy a watch from this brand you might get overwhelmed with the number of timepiece models they offer. Worry no more! The following are the top four Breitling watch collections you may consider. Each watch in these collections is made in high-quality materials, providing durability and versatility.

1.   Chronomat

The first collection to check out your first Breitling watch is the Chronomat. As its name entails, the timepieces in this collection feature a chronograph. The chronograph is a complex feature for many but is loved by most watch enthusiasts. Apart from providing high-quality performance, Chronomat watches have a very appealing appearance. Despite having conventional designs, the combination of its color scheme catches anyone’s attention.

The appealing color scheme of Chronomat watches is due to its polished metal. One example of this is the CB0110121C1P1, which features gold dial components, a blue dial, a rose gold bezel, a silver-polished case, and a leather strap. The combination of all these features is what makes Breitling’s products alluring.

2.   Avenger

The watches included in this collection have perfect designs, color schemes, and shapes. If you are more on aesthetic appeal and extraordinary features, this might be the ideal collection for you. Most of these watches feature multiple subdials and chronographs. You can choose a bezel function from two options. First is the GMT clock, which works ideally for those individuals who travel a lot. The second one is the tachymeter that has the same look as a standard aviation style.

This collection is interesting because its timepieces are somewhat a combination of aviation and diver’s watches. Beyond that, Avenger watches are water-resistant. If you love complications and aesthetic looks, it is time to get your Breitling watch from this collection.

3.   Colt

The watches in the Colt collection are the favorite of many because of their unique look. This collection offers watches for both genders. The female version is elegant and dainty. Conversely, the male watches boast about their masculine vibe. If you want unique-looking timepieces, you should not look further than the Breitling watches in this line.

If you are more on large-sized timepieces, you may consider those with a 44mm dial. If you want a smaller version, it would be great to choose a watch with less than a 41mm dial.

The same concept also applies in choosing watch movements. The brand offers two options for watch movement: automatic mechanical and reliable quartz. Overall, the brand never fails to produce high-quality watches with excellent functionality. So, no matter what watch you choose from this collection, rest assured that you are getting the best.

4.   Superocean

There are two reasons behind the popularity of the Superocean watch collection. First, it is designed for divers. Second, they are well-built and made from versatile and durable products. With their excellent craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and top-rated movements, there is no doubt why the Superocean collection is the best among all.

This collection is the home of the best water-resistant wristwatches that still work efficiently even under 1,000 meters of the sea. The only problem you may notice about this collection is that its watches have a relatively low power reserve.


To conclude, Breitling is a well-known company that produces top-rated, durable, and versatile timepieces. Considering the years they spent in the watchmaking industry, they already mastered the proper methods in producing unique watches.

Most Breitling watches feature a sturdy and solid catalog. The brand also offers eight watch collections with unique variations. In addition, modern timepieces made by Breitling are available in a wide array of styles, sizes, and features.

With the type of materials used by Breitling in making its watches, rest assured that you will get the proper value for your money. Breitling houses professional teams that work enthusiastically in producing top-notch products.

So, what are you waiting for? Check their website and purchase your preferred Breitling watches.