If day D is now decided, that you know when you’ll have to move , do not panic, even in the knowledge that you will be required commitment, deployment of energy and quasi-military organization, since a few months before.

Of course, first developed a strategic plan and first started to put it in place , the lower the difficulty and the best final results. So do not waste your precious time and make yourself at work!

First, remember to cancel your eventual lease , usually contractual provisions provide for the sending of a registered letter warning three months earlier.

Worry, then, to pay the bills of the previous hook-ups , water, electricity, gas and telephone and arrange to open an existing new ones, at the home that you are going to occupy. Do not think, naively, to be able to attend to such practices in the course of a day!

About ten days before, it is appropriate to transfer the correspondence , communicating to the proper change of address.

Here we are at the crucial moment of the move: drawn up a list of what you feel you need to bring in the new house, of what you want, however, to dispose of and what you want to buy from scratch.

In the phase of ‘ boxing be ordered and schematic.

Ask at your supermarket of confidence to put aside the cardboard boxes used, above, to contain the goods, or Buy them in special September

Choose boxes of medium size, easily transportable and not too heavy (up to 20 kg), close them with the appropriate scotch wide and brown, and do not forget to write on them with a pen tip and dark coarse content.

Pay extra attention to ‘ pack the fragile items , availing of sheets of bubble wrap and newspaper , to fill gaps and soften any blows that might occur during transport.

To avoid the risk of losing them, placed apart from the documents important.

Arrange the boxes, which as you fill in the less used room of the house and remember that the frequently used items and indispensable must be kept for the last.

This task seems too expensive and you do not have the time? Rely serenely to a specialized firm and serious, which will guarantee you a complete service.

If your relocation is pretty challenging and the family situation is complicated by the presence of children , of the elderly dependents or pets allowed, do it in good time in order to find them at a temporary arrangement. In some cases it may be necessary to ask for a day off and book for one or two nights a room at a hotel.


Design wooden kitchens – international designs corporation

On occasion I mentioned that I love home decorating times, mixing materials and concepts. This trend gives results in numerous attractive designs that otherwise could not exist. Among all see today modern designer kitchens that have been manufactured mostly in wood, a material that has always accompanied us in the most classic trends.

From the union of the wood and the latest proposed designs are born in the kitchen is presented as a space that is definitely integrated into the decor throughout. Bet vanguard allow us to have a space fully equipped with the latest technology , and can be accompanied by other more modern materials such as steel, and live in perfect harmony.

Minimalism is also possible when working with wood for building kitchens. Gone are the times when this item is adorned with carved impossible , to show his more polished now and discreetly. We also forget that hid lacquers and paints the beauty of natural wood, and show it with different finishes that can go from light to dark, but always leave the light and features the very own veins.

The possibilities offered by the designer kitchens wood are very diverse. Choose from models with or without islet, even as practical as the other of the last picture. It highlights its U-shape that gives the appearance of having a center island, though his side closure will still provide more space for food preparation and storage.


Where to buy furniture for a nursery? international designs corporation

If you furniture for a nursery want to buy, many questions arise. What furniture are? What is harmful to health? What is worthwhile to create and what I can afford at all? If you inform yourself a bit, you can not only cheap but also nice furniture purchase where you will have a lot of fun. Those who deal with furniture for the nursery, will quickly realize that it is many suppliers to a wide and varied selection acts. The selection can almost be a bit too much, and the prices vary greatly.

In the furniture stores in your area you should get a general overview of gain-for example, what kind of wood or materials you are interested. Furniture, which are coated with plastic or plastic furniture are durable and usually colorful, but not always completely harmless to health. Untreated wood, however, you can make without a care in the nursery. Because it is a natural material u are, they are also out long-term enjoyment find it.

Those looking for something special, which can also flea markets to try their luck or antique markets. Here you can find many beautiful and special children’s furniture that exude a special charm, and not everyone are in the nursery.

For the smaller purse have the big furniture discounters and Internet platforms a modern and affordable price range. Just as a nursery yes “grow” with the child and the furniture should be only for a limited time must be available, this is a good alternative and should not be already excluded in advance by you.

Follow your own taste
Furniture in the nursery should be so cheap, harmless to health and functional be. Especially when a lot of toys to be accommodated, the fitting of the room with-creating furniture is absolutely necessary to have a basic order to produce. Let yourself be inspired by the offer and then follow your own taste and that of your child.