Regardless of the era, the center of all relationships was the person. In marketing, he has also been and will be a key reference point for any company. But despite the fact that the marketing object is the same, the methods always change.

Today, digital marketing is at the heart of any promotion. This is why companies need to know exactly how technology is changing trends. How to build a strategy today using the benefits of digital marketing?


Musicians can benefit from Spotify

The times of MTV and TRL are long gone. Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube are the only ways for musicians in the digital world. For instance, you can buy Spotify followers and reach the heights of the charts. Spotify is the best place for musicians to upload the track and get thousands of streams.



Consumers see hundreds of ads every day. Many of them are monotonous, which is very annoying. Especially if the advertisement is irrelevant to a person. This is why there is a growing need for a personalized approach . What does it mean?

  • Content must be provided at the right time.
  • Advertising must be tailored to specific interests.
  • Advertisements must be placed in accordance with the consumer’s location.
  • It is important to analyze consumer behavior in relation to a brand or product.

In other words, personalized marketing allows you to create customized offers based on:

  • Previous actions;
  • Demography;
  • Interests;
  • personal data.

Why is it important to personalize every offer? Because consumers don’t want to waste time on inappropriate content. They want their desires to be automatically determined by the business.


Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has long been important in the field of promotion. So, he was a trend in traditional marketing , when a global star was taken to a TV commercial . This method has always been successful, so it’s no surprise that it is used in digital marketing as well.

But here a new concept appeared – micro influencers. As a rule, these are bloggers, presenters of YouTube channels or just popular personalities on social networks . Micro Influencers cover narrow niches, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to attract audiences.


Benefits of micro influencers

For example, Lays has hired celebrities such as Lionel Messi and Ronaldinho to advertise its chips . But, the local brand of dairy products obviously does not have such a budget. Therefore, you can agree on cooperation with a food blogger on Instagram.


Communication Through Messengers

Let’s go back to the first trend – ad personalization. To implement it, it is necessary to draw up a portrait of the consumer. One of the key steps is communicating with the customer. That is why many companies today are constantly in correspondence with consumers in private messages.

First, it is an opportunity to establish closer contact with the consumer. Secondly, this way you will learn about wishes and complaints firsthand, and not through summary statistics. Thirdly, this way you show the client that you are really interested in all the details. And the consumer always wants to see brands listening to him.

Therefore, right now you need to create accounts for your brand on Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook and correspond with customers. At a time when email is losing its effectiveness as a contact with the consumer, instant messengers are a great replacement.