Workers who are injured on the job can file a workers’ compensation that covers their medical fees, lost wages, and other damages. Workers’ compensation claims can apply to accidents and sicknesses because of exposure to onsite equipment, materials, and activities. A workers’ comp lawyer in Cedar Rapids can guide injured workers through settlement negotiations with their employer and their insurer. Also, they can guide their lawsuit through the court system. They can perform certain tasks for their client. If you are injured at work and wondering what a workers’ comp attorney can do for you, keep reading:

Gathering Evidence

Lawyers who specialize in workers’ comp cases can collect evidence and details behind the client’s work-related injury. Often, this evidence includes accident reports and police reports. The lawyer can take pictures of the workplace site and gather statements from co-workers and other witnesses. 

Creating a Demand for Compensation

This formal document outlines the case of the injured worker and the reason they think they deserve to be reimbursed for their medical expenses. It summarizes the damages suffered and the necessary expenses incurred to correct them. When an employer rejects the demands of the worker, a lawyer can file a lawsuit for their client to help them recover their damages. 

Navigating Procedures Before a Trial

Before the official trial, the injured worker and their employer will attend sessions with a judge. During such meetings, the worker’s attorney will request witness testimony, legal argument, and evidence from the employer. This is the discovery process. Then, the attorney will schedule a deposition, which includes cross-examinations of the employer’s witnesses and representatives. 

Negotiating Alternative Settlement

A workers’ comp lawyer will guide an injured worker through alternative dispute resolution. This process includes other procedures known as arbitration and mediation. During the arbitration, the attorney will present the claim of their client to neutral decision-makers, who are authorized to make binding decisions. Meanwhile, during mediation, both parties can resolve the lawsuit without going to court. Both parties’ attorneys will draft settlement papers that summarize the details such as a final payment amount and due dates.  

Investigating Conflicting Medical Reports or Insurance 

Conflicting information in a medical report or insurance could result in the denial of the case. A lawyer can investigate an injured worker’s case and present evidence together with the evidence that the client has collected. The evidence can argue against the inclusions of other conflicting reports.