Many people still think that video games are useless and will damage your psychology. Many others refer to amateurs as naive and far-fetched people.

But the truth is that video games do more to you than books or movies. As the video game involves interactive experience, so people will soon be regarded as an evil, using household challenges they face. Although you are not afraid of anything. Video games are just a precious pastime that the entire society has not yet realized.

The game is a television and read in conjunction with, but it has the added benefit that you give some control over the process, and is a small interactive television said. But in reality, the hobby beyond that is to entertain you and satisfy your cravings, and the sports bill looks good. We are happy that you found one of your favorites and then play it again as needed.

What game has the highest system requirements?

No game has the highest system requirements, but there are some very demanding games that can draw blood from your computer… for example:

  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Allah’s faith in elephants
  • Horizontal forging 4
  • Shadow Assault Tomb

Crisis has maintained a highly graphical style (and demand) for many years, but as the game looks more and more beautiful every year, its system requirements also increase. This is a good trend: a trend indicates that the graphics quality of games is improving. There really is no crisis. They all have interesting needs and use interesting dynamic lights. All games are very good, but due to the high graphics intensity, the effect is not good.

What games can I play on my laptop?

It depends on the type of laptop you have ( Windows/Apple/ high-end / low-end), but on average, here are some games that I think are great and work (relatively) normally on most laptops :

“Team Fortress 2 ” (free): If you are looking for an FPS game but don’t mind the less detailed graphics, “Team Fortress 2 ” (or ” TF2 ” for short ) is an excellent game that provides character customization. Lots of weapons, maps, (the best) community.

• Asphalt 8 (free): Asphalt 8 is a mobile arcade racing game and Windows game ( Microsoft Store on a Windows laptop (or through Boot Camp/VMware on a Mac ). I’ve been playing it for almost half a year, I really Love it very much. The graphics are great, and the interval is not found (because it will also run on mobile devices).

Darkest dungeon: For those who just “Red Hook” Growing to say, this tour show is a remarkable feat. The artistic style is unique, the gameplay is tense, and the voice of ancestors is great.

Why do games run better on consoles?

The devices on the console can only communicate more directly and efficiently in the custom design / configuration of the game. In this modularized and optimized hardware environment, developers can program faster and more efficiently. Games PC due to a user-specific, and there are many possible combinations.

In addition, personal computers are not only designed for games. To fully utilize the potential of PC hardware when playing games requires very specialized programming and coding. Developers have no resources for this specific type of multi-configuration optimization, and each developer must make compromises to get the best overall experience.

As the next generation of game consoles and game PCs reach similar levels, the distance is getting shorter and shorter. At the same time, new products such as Velcan and DX12 UltimateAPI are improving the communication performance of gaming PCs.

The console usually does not contain multitasking equipment, and the system library is lightweight, and can even be divided into actual data based on statistical information. The hardware is exactly the same, so game developers do not need hardware abstraction to be compatible, so they can access the hardware exclusively without worrying about sharing with other software.