Art is inseparable from our lives. The form of art is not always about a painting or statue. It is more than that. Audio can also be considered as an art, for instance, an art podcast. If we speak about art variation and diversification, it is a lot. Some people may think that art is the only way people express themselves or just express their hobby. However, there is also an economical source from it that you may have already known before. Some famous paintings can cost you million dollars. You read it right. It is because each people have a different perception of art. Yet, they have one thing in common, and their work costs a lot. To find out more about what art is and the example, look at the following article.

What art means actually

When we talk about the definition of art, some people may have a different understanding. Art is a human’s creative imagination to show their feelings where the creation has an aesthetic value or beauty. If you see a work of art as a creation of art itself, it is called art. This art form can arise from objects we use daily and objects we use specifically for specific purposes, such as rituals or other ceremonies. Besides that, it can also be defined again as a human creation that contains elements of soft, beautiful, smooth, and charming.

The function of art

Not only emphasizing the use of applied, pure, or 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional works of art. However, works of art themselves have several more complex functions in everyday life. Here’s the explanation:

  • Communication Function

Humans are social creatures who always depend on other people. In this case, humans must also have communication aspects; there are many tools that humans use to communicate with each other. One of the main communication tools used in everyday life is language. It can be said that it is a universal language, that language is a work of art. From this work of art, many people express an opinion in a beautiful form to understand what is being conveyed through the work of art. The form can be in an art podcast or show. Art legends podcast is the leading podcast that provides in-depth information about art for those who like to learn more about it.

  • Fulfilling Emotional Needs

The other function is as a suggestion to fulfill human emotional needs. Humans themselves have many emotions or feelings, such as happy, sad, angry, emotional, and even happy. The work of art is one of the most effective methods used to calm and even create a feeling that can make human feelings calm and peaceful. For example, suppose a person experiences a bad feeling or is bored and also tired. In that case, that person may have to do recreation such as seeing a concert, an art exhibition, or any form related to art.

Type of art

Speaking about art is not always about statues or paintings. There are lots of art out there you do not even realize. Here is the list:

  • Applied Artwork

Applied art or it can also be called a work of applied art. Applied art is an art that contains elements of aesthetics or beauty. But it also has a use-value or function in everyday life in addition to its aesthetic value. So it can be concluded that applied art is not only enjoyed as a beautiful work of art. However, it also has the benefits and uses of the art object. In addition, this work of applied art is also often referred to as an applied work of art. The purpose or meaning of applicative is that the work can be applied or used in the form of a function that can meet the needs of human life.

  • Fine Art

In contrast to works of applied art, a work of pure art is a work of art where the work of art is not created to consider in terms of use but is created to enjoy its beauty. Very different from the works of applied art that can even be used in daily activities. Usually in this pure artwork displays art that has a high aesthetic value and quality. There are so many things in our daily life that we can find the results of this pure work of art. In fact, it is not only found around us; these pure works of art are sometimes used to self-expression artists in a gallery or exhibition so that many people can enjoy it.

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