Like many parents, the space we have in our flat is quite small. Although we are lucky enough to have a 68m² flat, we only have two bedrooms: one for us, the parents, and one for our two daughters. They have been sharing a double room for several years. Their room is also quite small, only 9m².

Arranging their room is not the easiest thing to do. I am thinking of redesigning the whole layout. But above all, I think it is essential to take several things into account to create a space that is as functional as it is pleasant for each of the children. Here, although we have two girls, they have very different tastes. This is something I would like to respect in the future design of their room in order to offer each one the universe that corresponds to them. So how do we do it? That is the subject of this article.

How to organise and decorate a child’s bedroom: a few tips

Beds: making the right choice

Here we have opted for bunk beds. You probably know the KURA bed from Ikea. This one allows two main configurations (you can imagine as many variations as Pinterest shows!). The first, the canopy bed, is very nice when you only have one child. The second, when inverted, by adding a box spring for the bottom bed, you get bunk beds. This is a good option. However, it takes up a good part of the room! The bed, with its 2m10 x 1m on the floor, is quite imposing.

It is possible to opt for two smaller beds that can accommodate 80×160 mattresses, which are shorter and less wide.

This configuration gives a sense of space. It opens up the space and allows you to use the walls to hang beautiful pictures and posters, for example. To save space, you can avoid choosing beds with wide borders. Every centimeter counts in a small bedroom. The choice of bed bases can be a good one.

But there is also another option worth considering. If you choose an extendable sofa bed, you can save a lot of space when the bed is folded down. This way, children have a dedicated play area. However, this requires a bit of discipline: a bed made in the morning and toys put away at night (but it can have its advantages!).

Distinguishing spaces

A very simple way to create two worlds in the same room is to paint the wall above each bed differently. Two wide bands of colour can be very effective.

You can also go one step further by using children’s wall stickers. Some of them are even customisable. They are very easy and quick to install. They avoid the need to get out paint cans and protective tarpaulins, while creating distinct worlds.

To distinguish the two children’s spaces, you can also imagine putting up a partition. I love the idea of a glass wall (very trendy at the moment) that is placed between the two beds. It is a way of separating the spaces without losing light. Of course, this requires work that is not easy to carry out, especially if you live in a rented house. However, there is an alternative. This time, you can forget about the glass ceiling and simply put the beds head to head to take advantage of a common headboard for separation.

I also thought that a curtain could be placed between the two beds. To do this, simply fix a rod in the ceiling to lower a long curtain between the two beds. You can also use different nursery walpaper on each side of the room according to the tastes and tendencies of each of the children.

Finally, if the configuration of the room allows it, it is possible to create two sleeping spaces in height, like a mezzanine. This makes it possible to create storage space and a desk under the bed.

A bedroom needs storage space. If you are not lucky enough to have built-in wardrobes, you need to create storage space. The best solution is probably to use the space of an entire wall and take advantage of its height. The ideal solution is to opt for narrow arrangements that save precious centimetres of space in the room. You can even hide a desk or create a “gap” to install a table as a desk.

Do you have any space-saving tips for a small bedroom for two children?