Invisalign treatment is meant to give you a straightened and more attractive smile, and you should take it very seriously. During the Invisalign treatment, you will receive aligners that will fit into your teeth and are easy to remove. As a result, you do not have to see your dentists frequently; however, your dentist may still want to check on you. The following points will explain how often you will visit your dentist.


Invisalign First Consultation


It usually happens before you begin the Invisalign treatment. In this case, you will visit your dentists and consult about your dental problem. Afterward, the Invisalign dentist will diagnose your case and can decide whether you require aligners or not. Once the doctor establishes that there is a need for aligners, you can begin your treatment.


At this stage, you are also free to ask any questions about Invisalign treatment and what will be expected of you during the treatment. The dentists may also shed light on how much you will be charged for the treatment.


Treatment Planning


At the first appointment, the Invisalign dentists have already established that you require the treatment. Thus, in this second appointment, the dentist’s focus will be more on your dental health, and the dentists will have a closer look at your teeth.


Some of the dentists may undertake activities during this phase include; taking measurements of your teeth, being asked to smile, and other impressions of your mouth. The main purpose is to ensure that aligners made for you will easily fit into your teeth.


Fitting Of Aligners


During this appointment, the Invisalign dentist will come along with Invisalign trays to fit into your teeth. The dentist may ask you to remove the aligners and put them on by yourself to ensure that you have understood how to wear your aligners.

In this appointment, the dentists may also give you specific instructions concerning how long you should wear your aligners, which may be an average of 20 hours in a day. Together with the dentists, you will also schedule other appointments where treatment checkups will be done.


Treatment checkups


As highlighted earlier, depending on your agreement with the Invisalign dentists, you may be having your Invisalign treatments every three weeks for half an hour. During these checkups, your dentist will check whether your treatment is going on as planned.


If there are any challenges that you are facing with the aligners, this is a good platform to raise them. During the treatment, the dentist may give instructions on the progress of your treatment and what needs to be done to make the treatment more effective.


Problems Arising From Your Aligners


This is usually unplanned for appointments with your dentists. Let’s say you begin experiencing unusual pains from the use of aligners. In such a case, you can rush to your dentist and have a checkup.


The Invisalign dentist will cross-examine your teeth and determine the root cause of the problem. The dentist may also decide to offer a new direction to solve your dental problems.


No Progress


You have been wearing the aligners for about six or more months, and you have not noticed any improvements on your teeth, you may ask for an appointment with the dentist. It’s very important that you also monitor your teeth and take note of any improvements. Failing to see any improvements should signal you to visit your dentist.


Final Appointment


In most scenarios, your Invisalign treatment is designed to last for about one year. However, the treatment may spill over to eighteen months in special cases, depending on the misalignment issue you are experiencing. In normal cases, during your last appointment, the dentist will give you remarks on the progress that you have made. The dentists may also reduce the number of hours that you should put your Invisalign on.


Under special cases, when the dentist notices that your misalignment problem is not fully resolved, you may have to reschedule new treatment appointments. The treatment checkups may take up to three to six months more than the one year you received the treatment.


Failure to Wear Aligners


You must pay close attention to the dentist’s recommendation concerning how long you should wear your aligners. Failing to put on your aligners may prompt the dentist to request you for more appointments. In most cases, you will be required to put your aligners properly and for an average of twenty hours.


The frequency of visiting your dentists during the Invisalign treatment depends on the dentist’s specifications and you individually. It would be best always to ensure that you are wearing your aligners as recommended to ensure a speedy recovery. Failure to which the treatment will be ineffective, you may be required to visit the dentist for regular treatments.