Tattoos have become increasingly popular: according to a 2015 study, even the one fifth of all UK adults had a design on their body.

Tattoos have undergone various changes over the years and, as with fashion, there are various trends in the ink industry. Those concern not only the types of designs, but also the parts of the body that are chosen for tattooing.

What is changing in the world of ink enthusiasts, and what are the most creative ideas and trendiest tattoos of the moment?

More attention to tattoo aftercare

The growing interest in the world of tattoos, which are now visible on the skin of many people and celebrities, is also associated with an increased awareness of skin care and treatment after tattoos.

 Tattooists are also becoming more and more sensitive to the importance of providing the necessary information to their clients to take care of their tattoo. Therefore, after applying ink to the body, clients should be advised to put sunscreen on the tattoo, moisturise it frequently and never peel off or scratch any hard layers that might appear in the design.

In fact, it has been realised that applying the right products to the skin after a tattoo helps achieve a better result. Not surprisingly, the market has been expanding with specific skin care formulations, such as Bepanthen Tattoo cream.

The result of this focus on skin care is sharp and long-lasting tattoos and more satisfied customers.

5 new trends in the world of tattoos

Are you a fan of ink? Here are some ideas for adding a new tattoo to your body.

Red Ink tattoos

Black ink is no longer the colour of choice for tattoo lovers. Many celebrities have shown tattoos in red ink, a new trend that was immediately appreciated. Red ink is usually used on small designs with clean lines, whether intended as a single tattoo or in addition to an existing one.

Minimalist design

Another significant trend among ink enthusiasts are tattoos with fine lines and simple designs.  Minimalist tattoos are a favourite choice for both newcomers to this world and those who wish to add a design to their body, perhaps in smaller areas such as the fingers, wrists or ankle. Lines, geometric shapes, initials, names and stylised reproductions of animals, plants and stars are among the most popular designs.

90s are coming back

Tribal tattoos were a real trend in the 1990s. These slightly mysterious designs, also made famous by the Blade film trilogy and the various singers who showed them in concerts and video clips, are back in vogue. However, modern tribal tattoos are characterized by more sophisticated and simple lines that allow for abstract designs.

Tribal tattoos are not the only things that are coming back from the 90s. In fact, early millennium-style tattoos, such as colourful butterflies and designs on the shoulders and lower back, also seem to be making a comeback. Today, these symbols are being read in a different and fashionable manner.

Tattoos meet beauty

Today, the potentials of tattoos allow one not only to decorate one’s body with ink designs, but also to enhance one’s physical appearance. In addition to tattoos used to outline eyebrows and lips, i.e. permanent make-up, there are also tattoos for making fake freckles. This is definitely a trend that is bound to grow.

Creative tattoos are more requested

Creative tattoos are those that are designed by the client or customised by the tattoo artist. The difference, compared to choosing ready-made designs, lies in the more intimate and subjective meaning that is given to these small designs.