Erectile dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder that men face. Erectile dysfunction happens where the penis cannot have an erection ideally. Those who experience this erectile dysfunction cannot have a good sex life as the penis cannot penetrate. That is why this sexual disorder can be very stressful either for men or their partners. Here is a brief explanation about erectile dysfunction that you should be aware of and several medication reviews about it like Tadalafil vs Sildenafil.

What Erectile Dysfunction Actually

Erectile Dysfunction in men, apart from the problem of a penis that cannot have an erection ideally, this disorder is also a sign of other dangerous diseases. Erectile dysfunction is correlated with several dangerous diseases that can make a man’s life easy. So, erection problems don’t spread everywhere, let’s better understand what causes men to experience erectile problems and what diseases are their derivatives at several points, which we will discuss next.

Erectile Dysfunction Common Causes

Several erectile dysfunction causes can appear in men for several reasons; the following are common causes that we must be aware of or slow down. Older age, over time, testosterone levels in the body will decrease slowly. Once a man turns 30, his testosterone levels will drop by one percent each year. This level could be higher if the men’s health condition is getting lower. If a man’s testosterone is low, his sexual and reproductive abilities also drop. Change your lifestyle and avoid obesity as much as possible as you get older. The following list is an example of a condition that can increase the risk:

· Experiencing Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the reasons men can’t get an erection perfectly. This disease causes blood flow to the penis can not to run smoothly so that hard erection conditions will not occur. If it’s like this, sex with a partner will not be able to happen perfectly. Blood circulation disorders that occur in the penis can be disrupted because there is nerve damage. If you can still control the blood sugar level in the body, there will most likely be no problems with the nervous tissue. Nerve tissue in the penis may decrease, and its sensitivity also drops.

· Moderately Severe Obesity

Obesity will make men experience a gradual decline in testosterone. In addition, this condition also makes blood circulation to the penis decreases and the libido of men decrease. Fat will cause impaired blood flow. In addition, excess fat also suppresses testosterone production.

While having prostate disorders such as cancer or inflammation makes it difficult for men to get an erection. The muscles in the penis area that help with an erection cannot function optimally and cause blood flow not to enter properly. Besides, having mental disorders or psychological disorders such as lack of confidence or experiencing stress will make it difficult for men to get an erection. Conditions make them unable to have sex perfectly.

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Another Complication From Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can cause dangerous diseases. Based on research, men with erectile dysfunction are twice as likely to experience heart failure. In addition to heart failure, men are also at risk of dying from heart attacks and strokes than men who do not experience erectile dysfunction. Disorders of the penis were very closely related to cardiovascular disease, which is quite acute. Therefore, doctors are advised to check men’s heart health with erectile dysfunction to avoid complications that can lead to death.

Erectile dysfunction is closely related to heart problems in men. Therefore, we are advised to prevent and overcome it immediately. Here are some things that can be used to overcome erectile dysfunction. Implement the right diet is one of the best ways you can do to change your lifestyle.

If you have a quite bad lifestyle, such as consuming too much alcohol, eating junk food, and lack of exercise, and others, you may have a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. You need to be aware more of the erectile dysfunction symptoms. Such as sleep disturbance, your penis unable to erection in the morning, or others, it is time for you to see the professional. The doctor may well give you medication like Tadalafil. This medicine will help your blood to flow to your penis, which can make an erection. It is much better if you do not have erectile dysfunction; you need to have a healthy lifestyle as this is the prevention step in the future.

As for its medication, you may hear about Tadalafil and Sildenafil as some of the most used drugs for ED. When it comes to Tadalafil vs Sildenafil, these two drugs mainly differ on their duration within your body. Tadalafil stays much longer than sildenafil. However, the wise choice you need to take about Tadalafil vs Sildenafil is that you should always be back to your doctor’s prescription to avoid another disease.