If you look at Korean fashion as a whole, it is a combination of different fashions. From skirts and tops to patterns that match with jewelry. However, every piece of clothing is the same. Most streetwear includes skirts with pullovers or long jeans with striped shirts.

The most important accessories of a popular appearance are a bright smile and self-confidence. No matter what others say, you can wear your own skin as long as you are comfortable.

Whether it’s a short cut hairstyle, straight bangs, side trims or full hair color, K-Pop hairstyles can always be used. Hair is their greatest glory. When they have outstanding hairstyles, their fashion will blend together, which will definitely become a popular title. K-pop stars are often seen wearing beautiful makeup.

What is KPOP fashion?

The term K-pop is meant to include the popular Korean pop music in the music genre within. Because for me the K-pop classified as basic types, instead of K-pop. There are many kinds of K-pop music. In this way, it attracts audiences with different musical tastes, who are ready to appreciate the beauty of the performance, which sometimes darkens the music.

Like some Asian designers, K-pop bands began to adopt independent elements of more ” daring ” musical genres, such as punk: Korean bands began to oppose the conservative trends of the 1980s. The proposal has been accepted. Wearing conservative clothes will be replaced by luxurious accessories, short skirts and long hair.

The anti-traditional resistance movement gradually gained strength until the SEO Taijiquan and boy teams in the 1990s did not become mainstream. The group incorporated genres such as hip-hop, rock and electronic music into their music and made their foreign cultural influence an integral part of its performance.. The appearance of this Korean band marks the official beginning of the current pop music generation. Unlike previous similar releases, it will use Hello as the main release form.

How do you dress like a KPOP star?

We ( KPOP fans) all look like POPED idiots and appreciate their style. So this is the idea of dressing up like a puppet idol or a stereotype.

Leggings… no need

Hallyu singers wear tight jeans and tight shirts, but keep a balance with loose layers of clothing.

Exquisite color print

Find T -shirts or T -shirts with pop art patterns and cool designs. The printed matter should be beautiful. Avoid wearing tie shirts. KpopWorld talks about prints and colors. Plainclothes, water pump and coats of old regulations no longer exist.

* Mixed matches

You should combine different types. For example: casual jackets with office jackets, casual shoes, or chiffon dresses where you can wear streetwear, pre-party shirts and evening dress skirts or printed T -shirts. There is not even a short evening dress or military jacket.

. Accessories

Buying accessories now is very easy. The level is not suitable for your clothes. KPOP stars also wear many large and bright bracelets, long dangling earrings, necklaces, layered necklaces and cuffs, all of which are good choices.

What brand of KPOP idols wear?


MIXXMIX is a Korean brand that is popular with young girls not only with beautiful girly designs and colors, but also at affordable prices. The famous singer and actress IU wore MIXXMIX at his concert, which is very similar to her style.

to cultivate

FILA is a Korean sports brand originally located in Italy. Because BTS is their official model, it is becoming more and more popular. Zhang Guo, (especially FILA ) likes to wear clothes in daily life, because she likes to wear casual sportswear. Korean celebrities often wear FILA women’s clothing.

Go straight

Recto is a fashion brand with a simple and minimalist appearance that is visible to women. Red Velvet ‘s Salgi released her wearing a blue RECTO photo jacket, which makes her look even more beautiful and stylish.

Shot lock

Lucky Choghetti is one of the Korean fashion brands frequented by Korean celebrities. It is unique, beautiful and fashionable. Two times Momo wore a Lucky Choit pullover and a cool summer airport before the sunrise hat!