We all know that it takes mental, physical, and emotional stability and preparation to join outdoor adventures. But gearing up also includes the materials and tools you will need for the rough road or waters ahead. From head to toe, you need to be ready, and one of the essential things you can have with you is a wristwatch. A wristwatch would tell you how much you have left before you reach the next stop in your hike, how long you have been walking, or how many minutes you have left to resurface for oxygen. A watch is a tool used by individuals whose lifestyle requires precision and a reliable source of time.


So if you’re looking for a watch that can withstand not only the test of time in normal conditions but also harsh environments, I’ll tell you now that many watch brands will compete to market their watches with that purpose. And many wristwatches will catch your attention. But among those brands that try to create robust timepieces, there is one that is cut above the rest, and that is Luminox. Luminox is a watch brand synonymous with elite military operations. To showcase to you how they compose their watches with that purpose in mind, we will take a close look at one of their timepieces. But before that, let’s take a glimpse at their history and how they became known as a military watch brand.

Luminox And Military Involvements

The brand was first started back in 1989 by Barry Cohen, an industry professional together with his colleague, Richard Timbo. It was in 1992, however, that the Navy Seals boosted their reputation when a retired officer, who was in charge of procurement, wanted to test which wristwatch will be used. One, among many others, was Luminox. All watches were tested by the Navy’s Research and Development on the field but Luminox stood out. In 1994 Luminox attracted more military clients, like the Singaporean Air Force, U.S. Coast Guards, and New York Police Department. The robustness and reliability of their timepieces were also preferred by Counter-Terrorist Officials and Private adventurers. With Military patronage, Luminox widened its territory and released land, air, and space wristwatches. In 2000 the brand released a GMT space series, special limited edition. With its involvement in providing accurate and reliable timepieces, Luminox solidified its image as the brand best suited for military timekeeping.


Luminox Navy Seals 3601

So if you’re looking for a watch that accompanies you through your rugged exploits and active lifestyle, then Luminox is on the top of the list. To have a better idea of how well they build their wristwatches for the rigmaroles of outdoor settings, let’s look at the Navy Seals 3601.

Specifications and Material

The first thing to tackle is the dimensions of the watch. The Navy Seal has a 45-millimeter diameter, so it’s not a small watch which is what you want for your venturing outdoors. It has a 14-millimeter of case height, 51-millimeter lug to lug, and a 24-millimeter lug width. But despite its dimensions, this Luminox is not heavy on the wrist as it uses a lightweight fiber called Carbonox. The material makes the watch weigh only 75 grams. The brand is known for creating timepieces that endure a beating, but at the same time, are not bothersome in the wrist. Carbonox is a special reinforced composite material made by Luminox.With the Navy Seal 3601, your hand is free of the weight material used by most brands but has the build and robustness of a solid sports watch.

Dial And Luminescence

The dial of this design is simple and clean. The dial has 12-hour indices in color white but it also has small 24 hour markers just around the 12-hour markers in the same color. The face of the dial is a combination of white and black elements and has an eye-catching yellow hour hand, and a yellow tip for its second’s hands.  The watch has a date window at 3 o’clock magnified by a cyclops lens.


The horizontal lines in the dial also give a nice character that changes in shade in different positions. The dial is protected by a flat anti-reflective crystal that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  Luminox also branded themself with their high luminescence and the Navy Seal 3601 has GTLS(Gaseous Tritium Light Source) applied inside the tubes of the central hands for a guaranteed glow. So even without a light source or charging, the wristwatch will surely glow. In pitch dark areas, like dark caves, the watch would glow and display its indices. The watch isn’t that noticeable, however, by anyone 2-meter away from the wearer. Its lum can’t be seen in very dark settings, making it a perfect stealth watch for military soldiers.


Complications, Case Back, and Strap

This timepiece has a unidirectional bezel in color black, has 0-20 yellow markers, and gives an excellent actuation experience when rotated. The watch has a screw-down crown with a double security gasket for 200-meter water resistance. The crown when pulled in its first position changes the date in the date window, while the second click of the crown allows the user to control the hour and minute hands. The case back is made of tough and durable 3161 steel and has Luminox engravement and inside the watch is a Ronda 515 Swiss movement.  The timepiece is paired with a comfortable, genuine, black, rubber strap that is neither too stiff nor too soft, simply somewhere in between. Besides that, it also has pattern holes to avoid sweating. The strap ends in a buckle made of a Carbonox and has both Carbonox and  Luminox logos on it.


In Conclusion

A Luminox watch intends on giving cutting-edge readability through its high luminescent, lightweight, durable timepieces. For this reason, navy seals, counter-terrorism officials, coast guards, law enforcement, and those who go on rigorous expeditions and outdoor adventures wear their timepieces.


If you want to have a reliable companion that won’t give up on you, Luminox is the best watch for the task. If you like to take a closer look at other Luminox models or want to have a full view of the Navy Seals 3601, visit The Watch Company. They are a certified dealer of luxury watches and provide excellent customer assistance. Visit their shop today and gear up with a Luminox watch!