Meditation consciousness

When thinking about meditation consciousness, etc. only one thought surfaces in my mind.

What lies behind us and what lies before us, are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. – Oliver Wendell Holmes

It has been proved that continuous practice of meditation has intellectual influence on consciousness and the mind. Meditation makes the mind a better tool by removing the restlessness from it. Meditation consciousness is a must to have the peace of mind, silence, inner quietness, joy and inner power that no outer circumstances can take away or change.

Constant practice of meditation helps developing concentration, awaken inner peace and bring your wandering mind under control. There are many ways to learn meditation consciousness; one of them is watching how to meditate for beginners video. The reason I am telling you to watch how to meditate for beginners video is that by watching we can learn easily as compared to reading.

I have tried my level best to give you as much information as possible; on how to meditate: for beginners. Meditation essentially involves three distinctive steps:

    The first stage of mind is the superficial or the scattered mind. This stage is often characterized by lots of thoughts both positive and negative with very little control or knowledge. In this state of mind we can easily get distracted, we will have difficulty concentrating, probably worry about unimportant things and have little understanding of the real ‘us’.

    Then we progress to our heart’s concentration. In this state our mind is focused completely on one thing and we are the most efficient and purposeful in our thinking. This level reveals the deepest we can go with thought.

    From this very deep thinking we enter into intuitive states, revelations. When thinking stops and intuitive experience takes over, this is called meditation.

There are 7 factors that affect your mediation level, they are:

    Place of Meditation

    Physical preparation


    Start with few minutes a day

    Time to meditate

    Peaceful music


There is study materials also available named “meditation for dummies”. In the meditation for dummies, there are few chapters; trying to explain the meaning and techniques of meditation.

It is highly recommended for those you really want to go deep into the studies of meditation.

Meditation Chairs

Chair for meditation

Today’s life is filled with worry and anxiety and people are spending huge money to get relaxation of mind availed through sources like thechair for meditation.

The meditation chair is an invention to fulfill this need of people. With these meditation chairs you can easily enhance your experience of exploration. When the session of relation comes, you can comfortably relax in the arms of this chair which is made for this sole purpose only.

A meditation chair helps you enhance your meditation related knowledge. A chair for meditation in especially designed to make you sit in the right posture while meditating.  There are different types of meditation chair available in the market and you can also find an amazing variety of meditation benches also available.

Meditation chair

A meditation chair is good for a beginner or people suffering from inflexibility. You can easily sit straight on a chair for meditation, without putting too much pressure on your back. A meditation chair provides adequate support to your back and also helps you remain in the best possible position. Remember that an ordinary chair will never work towards providing you the same ease as ameditation chair.

There are many companies involved in making meditation chair; one of them is Lotus.  Lotus meditation chair is especially designed to give you the support required at the time of meditation.  Lotus meditation chair makes it a point to make you feel as comfortable as possible to expand your consciousness and obtain good clarity of mind.

While buying a meditation chair you need to check that it has a slight forward angle. This will prevent you from slumping while you meditate. Also keep in mind that the meditation chairs should not be too steeply angled; it can result in over-arching. The angle of a goodmeditation chair would not be more than a few inches.

The last but not the least to check in a meditation chair is that it can be easily adjusted as per your body weight, height and comfort level.

So keep these things in mind before making a decision to buy ameditation chair.

Meditation Radio

Meditation radio music

Radios are the primary source of entertainment and meditation radio music is one amongst the most popular station. Listening to the radio gives the greatest pleasures. In this, fast moving competitive life listening radio gives you some amount of relaxation.  And to add on it, mediation radio gives you the pleasure of peace in the mind while listening to it.

This meditation music includes music played during or with the meditation. The performance of which is meditative. To raise your mood, physical strength and brainwaves; meditation music is most powerful. The radio gives some of the best music that shape up your mood. You feel like dancing when some high pitch music is played, also you may feel nostalgic with some sad music.  Meditation radio music is no different from these. It has the potential to put your soul and body into a calming meditative state. Mediation music is out with a variety of genres. With that you can also listen to the fluid smooth sounds of musical instruments, nature or even church singers. This can help you break out of mind stress of your hectic life and gets into a relaxed meditative state.

Meditation radio

The meditation radio music helps you eliminate yourself from negativity and depression. You can make use of meditation mantras, music and metaphors to focus on the positive side of life.  Meditation music is the rhythmic music that is peaceful and slow. This simply signals your mind and body to relax.  With the loud and fast music you generally get distracted but with this meditation music, your stress level and all distractions are removed.

The online mediation radio is also available.  Which means you can listen to that music online also.  When you are pissed up with your work, something you can do is just get connected to the internet and go the websites providing you the radio online and you can relaxed yourself.