For many hands-on and energy healing, the energy comes from the person performing the healing. With Reiki energy healing , however, the healing comes from the “Universal Life Force Energy” (whom some might call God), thus it has a very healing effect upon The attune. The effects can be subtle to profound. Coming from the Universal Energy, just imagine how powerful that healing energy has to be!

Even for those who do not wish to become teachers will be offering healing and guidance to people on either the physical or mental levels. They, too, will need to have experienced the areas where they are offering help.

The reason the practitioner needs to go through this deep healing is because that they will eventually become a Reiki Master, a teacher. To get to that level is a long, hard road to healing. We can’t teach others to receive what we do not have, after all.

We might be introduced to our Reiki Master Guide or Spirit Guide. We will more than likely have an out of body experience, and quite possibly travel to a past life. Reiki healing takes place at a different level with each attunement of the practitioner, just as with a healing session, only sometimes much deeper. We have all come to expect this by the time we reach our first level of attunement.

There are lots of things that begin to open up for the newly attuned Reiki healer. One who believes that if one feels called upon to learn Reiki, they are already a natural healer. They are a natural healer because this is his/her spirit’s path. A spirit may have paths in many lifetimes, so your spirit might tell you to fall it. You should follow your spirit.

Many people, even other Reiki practitioners, do not believe in reincarnation or past lives. But there are forces and powers of many believers those who have a spiritual energy, that they say they have it from the previous birth. There is nothing wrong if one doesn’t experience these things.

Many people those who follow their guides and are Reki believers; say that their guides know their history and possibly their future too. These guides are full of compassion and give their disciples unconditional love. Those who do not believe in their guides might not see them, though that isn’t always the case. Many people who didn’t believe in past lives OR guides experience the lifetimes and meet their guide! My god! They were surprised!

The whole world, even the non-physical world, opens up to you when you begin on your sacred path. These spirits might be guides, family members, friends, angels, or a spirit in need of help. The important thing is to not be afraid of them. Thus after all studies and researches one can only say that it’s the best alternative to heal inner self and to get peace of mind, if nothing else is working 3.

Christian Reiki | Spiritual Health

Reiki is an art of healing physical problems with the help of energies from the body.  It is a technique wherein a reiki practitioner lays his hands on the body of the patient and run the energy into the energy field of the patient w Buy spiriva.

Some of the miraculous cures with the help of reiki are elimination of stress, enlightening better tolerance and resistance power in the body to fight against any physical problem, physical relaxation, relieving chronic pain and helping to release the old stuck emotions. The sources claim that it is developed and invented by Dr. Usui of Japan and now popularized in the world and day by day, more and more people are developing the awareness of this magical healing technique.

A large group of people believe that it was an ancient Christian technique used by Lord Jesus to perform miracles. There are evidences in the holy book of Christians where Lord Jesus had quoted many valuable quotes about this miraculous healing system or therapy. Many Christians believe that this healing method is hailing from the time of Lord Jesus but there are no clear evidences or guidelines as how reiki should be practiced. Many reiki practitioners talk to guides, angels and spirits, and work with healing energy in a way that seems to violate the beliefs of modern Christians.

It is mentioned clearly that Jesus is indicating that the people should follow the healing therapy to heal others the power of The God almighty. Making a better used of energy technique like reiki can be suitable in helping to fulfill the longer term earthy mission of Lord Jesus. The millions of Christians of the world have strong belief that reiki healing treatment was originated by Lord Jesus and applied on many individuals to heal up their long spanned physical problems by just putting his hands on the paining sectors. It is almighty God that offers the energies through the palms to heal the problems of others and Lord Jesus was empowered or blessed by this magical healing therapies. Many still believe that reiki is a Christian way to heal up the problems and to lead the patient towards the physical prosperity.

In modern times the art of healing through physical energies have gone quite popular in many regions and more and more people are being benefitted from this system. Reiki teaching has become quite familiar around the globe especially in far eastern countries. There have emerged many reiki teaching institutes that teach the various levels of reiki and reiki positions by charging a sizable fee for the complete course. Once the basic levels are attained, a learner can go for the advanced stages with the help of a reiki expert. Reiki is an organized study of faith healing system. Reiki has to pass through some controversies as there is no standardized training and licensed practitioners. Various reiki practitioners have their own proven and practiced ways of performing reiki. The regular medical help should not be ignored while going through the healing treatment of reiki.