If you are a workout buff protein is one of the most essential nutrients to focus on with respect to your diet. It is no secret that your dietary intake is as important in building muscle strength as your everyday workout.


In order to cover up the nutritional gaps in your diet and help your body cope with the workout stress and fatigue, protein supplements are a must. However, the type of protein supplement that must be in your kit bag depends a lot on your dietary choices, workout needs, and routine.


It is best to have both pre and post-workout protein supplements to enhance your exercise outcome and reduce fatigue post the workout.

Understanding Protein Supplements

Primarily, protein supplements are protein powders that are highly concentrated protein sources derived either from plant foods or animals. They are of three types — Protein Concentrates, Protein Isolates, Protein Hydrolysates. Each of these differs in the stages of filtration and processing.


Hydrolysates are the most easily and quickly absorbable form of proteins. Isolate protein powders are the richest with 90-95% protein in them while concentrates contain 70-80% protein and 20-30% fat and carbohydrates.

Types of Protein Supplements

Here is the list of the different kinds of protein supplements that you can choose from to carry in your workout kit bag:

●     Whey Protein

Whey protein offers the best muscle protein synthesis among all other types of protein supplements. It also aids in faster muscle recovery and is one of the most preferred proteins for workout support.


Whey protein keeps one satiated for long and therefore is highly effective for someone looking to shed the flab and create the calorie deficit. It is also considered to be an effective protein to lose fat mass and gain lean muscle mass.

●     Casein Protein

Casein protein is a slow-release protein that gets digested over a period of time providing the body with sustainable energy and proteins for muscle recovery. It is, therefore, a preferred protein when it comes to resistance training as the slow and sustained release of amino acids helps muscle mass growth.


●     Pea Protein Powders

An ideal protein supplement for vegans, vegetarians and those with food allergies pea protein supplements are fast gaining popularity in the world of fitness.


Enriched with the goodness of all the essential amino acids, particularly, BCAAs, pea protein powders offer the similar results as whey proteins. Studies have found that when compared, the intake of pea protein powder results in a similar increase in muscle thickness as whey proteins.


You can try the bGREEN Vegan Plant supplement as a great protein supplement enriched with the goodness of pea protein and bron rice isolate. It is ideal to enhance stamina, support workouts and aid an active lifestyle.

●     Mixed Plant Protein

Mixed plant protein supplements usually contain a mix of two or more plant protein powders. Usually the powders would include – Peas, Hemp protein, Alfa Alfa, Chia, Quinoa, and Flax seeds.


A good option would be the bGREEN protein powders. You can either pick the Pre-sports Endurance Mix or the Pre-workout Energy Mix. Both these powders are made of plant-based sources. They contain MCT oil and RedNite i.e a clinically proven ingredient that boosts energy levels. These powders will boost your immune system and instantly give you stamina before you work out.

●     Brown Rice Protein

Brown rice protein supplements are extremely beneficial when it comes to enhancing the body composition. However, brown rice protein is not a complete protein, which is why it is best taken in combination with some other protein source like pea protein for best results.



Protein supplements are great for fulfilling the nutritional gap and meeting the body’s requirements with respect to workouts. If you lead an active life or are looking to build your muscles the right way, lend your body the support of a superior quality protein powder supplement. If you are a vegan, you no longer have to think twice about using whey protein. Instead opt for the bGREEN vegan protein powders for best results.