Well, now that you are aware about the effects of Reiki therapy on cancer patients and their health, it is time that you learn about where the entire healing process starts from. The points mentioned below will help you heal the spiritual and the emotional bodies of a cancer patient a cyklokapron.

Beginning the Reiki cancer healing

    Take complete responsibility of your current state of life. Everything that has happened to your health is a result of your own deeds, and you should accept it rightly. Avoid the general “victim” or “blame” game that is usually seen in all patients. Instead, give your mind a new angle and attitude to think about your life. You should be informed, accountable and empowered despite your sickness.

    Follow the regular Reiki self-healing methods for empowering yourself. You can learn these techniques through the basic Reiki level-1 information, a level of self healing.

    Healing your own skin is the most basic requirement of the Reiki healing method. As a result, you should release all your negative emotions from within and forgive everyone who has wronged you at some of the other time of your life. You should also thank everyone who has contributed to the happy days of your life. Release the old cells from your body and the basic thought pattern that might obstruct your reiki healing process.

    Respect and love yourself and all others around you. You should accept their good qualities along with their flaws and other weaknesses.

    Keep yourself strong from your soul and trust on your abilities. Think yourself as a unique individual with a powerful spiritual self.

    Boost your confidence and self-esteem despite the sufferings that you are going through due to the disease. Apart from the medicinal treatments, it is the strength of your spirit that will help you to overcome the pain.

    Relax and stop thinking about the complex issues. You should relieve yourself from judgments.

    Let your emotions free. Uncover the reason of your disease and its effect on your emotional and physical health. For instance:

    Clear your conscious from any deep underlying grief.

    Release your soul from the fears that control you.

    Let loose your anger and aggressive behavior.

    Clear your mind from the anger of improper nurturing and the trauma faced during puberty.

Once you set your soul, mind and the heart free from these emotions, you automatically gain confidence in yourself and life. This spiritual healing process thus helps your body revive from within, hence increasing its strength for healing cancer cells. Hence, Reiki is a very simple way of healing your body from the most dreadful diseases like cancer.

Treating Cancer with Reiki | Spiritual Health

A holistic healing method, Reiki is an alternative therapy introduced originally by Mikao Usui from Japan in the late 1800s. Today, after hundreds of years, this alternative therapy is successively applied for healing cancer and various other terminal disorders across the world by the reiki practitioners. Reiki, as a holistic treatment, uses the light touch hand positioning on or above the body along with the other Reiki symbols for treating diseases and body pains. A reiki therapy practitioner acts as a channel directing the universal or spiritual energy flow to the patient, not just for physical healing but also mental, spiritual and emotional healing. Till date, the therapy has helped cure several patients from the painful anguish of the terminal diseases, particularly cancer 5 Buy xenical.

Reiki healing is further promoted by the American Cancer Society as a far way safer alternative cancer therapy. According to the studies performed, it is known that Reiki is a non-invasive and effectual therapy that doesn’t affect or even manipulate the body tissues. This hence helps the patients relax even during their intense pain, while also lowering stress and the heart rate. Overall, this treatment helps promote better health in the patients for a faster Reiki cancer healing.

What is the Holistic cause of Cancer?

According to the holistic point of view, any chronic illness is caused due to the inconsistency between a person’s spiritual soul and personality. In other words, chronic diseases are usually caused due to an imbalance between the 4 parts of a body, spiritual, emotional, physical and mental which are believed to evolve from their own origin. However, one needs to be really careful when considering this treatment, particularly when selecting the channel or the practitioner.

Reiki and Cancer Treatment

    Reiki again rebalances the energy instability and enhances the immune system of the patients. This hence encourages the body of the patient to heal from within. However, reiki does not cure the cancer cells or growth instantly.

    Furthermore, Reiki also balances the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels thus enhancing the free flow of energy in the body of the patient. This will again help to improve the connection between each of these four levels.

    It induces peace and calmness by reducing stress in the patients.

    It relieves pain thus providing comfort to the patient.

    During the reviving process, Reiki also balances the chakras and releases all minor and major energy blockages which help remove toxins and other impurities from the body.

    It reduces the effect of chemotherapy treatment thus helping the patient get over the physical pain caused by cancer. This further helps regenerate cellular growth and hence accelerates the overall healing process in the patients.