Every smoker has a journey of exploring different types of bongs, their uses, and the fun they give. But everyone has a starting point of their journey, and if that goes wrong, the enjoyment and satisfaction will get sidelined. The most common mistake that first-time users make is choosing a smoke shop with no credibility. Yes, there are several platforms where you can get bongs and other smoking accessories. But you should know the right place to shop.


Take a look at Atomic Blaze the trusted online bong shop in the States, where you can get a variety of options as well as the best prices. Apart from this, there are several other mistakes that you’ll learn about in this post. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down to get a quick guide for beginning your smoking journey.


Mistakes to avoid when buying or using a bong


  1. Do not buy a complicated bong

The first and most common mistake to avoid is not to buy a complicated bud. You will find multiple options that look attractive. But when you are beginning to explore bongs, you should keep your options limited. Choose a simpler bong that is easy to clean, less complicated to store, and takes no time to prepare. For smokers, it can be very frustrating to wait to smoke weed when you want to. Therefore, start with a simple bud, and as you become good at it, you can increase your collection.


  1. Do not inhale quickly

Smoking a regular joint is way different from using a bong. The intensity of smoke produced by a bud is considerably more than a joint. Thus, it would be best if you did not inhale too quickly. Do not get influenced by the Youtube video or movies you see on the Internet. To tolerate dense smoke will take time. And unless you are totally prepared for it, do not try to inhale the smoke as it will cause uncontrollable coughing and congestion.


  1. Not cleaning the bud regularly

When you start using a bong regularly, you need to take out time to clean it. Suppose you avoid cleaning your bud for a long time; it will alter the taste when you smoke up next time. Therefore, as weird as it might sound, stop being lazy if you want to have fun smoking up a bud. You can find some excellent tips and videos online on how to clean a bong.


  1. Do not pay too much for buying a bud

You’ll find many platforms online that charge way too much for their products. Getting the right bong does not necessarily mean that you need to spend a fortune on it. Take a look at Atomic Blaze the trusted online bong shop where you’ll get the best products at a reasonable cost without compromising the product quality.


  1. Not storing the bud at the right spot

The most important thing you need to learn about bongs is that they need to be stored in an airtight container. Yes, if you keep your bud in an open space or in any other box that isn’t airtight, it will dry it out and alter the weed’s taste. So, it would be best if you always chose a clean airtight container to keep your bud safe.

Once you follow these tips, you’ll never have a bad experience while smoking from a bud. So, keep them in your mind, and enjoy your journey.