Japanese art of healing is gaining popularity among different treatment alternatives. As there is mystifying power of Reiki which multiplies when combined with auras, chakra balancing, spiritual healing, mediation, crystals naturopathy, homeopathy and aromatherapy. Sudden accidents can benefit from First Aid Reiki treatment 5 lamisil cream.

Have you been facing excruciating pain post surgery or ageing has taken a toll on your joins leading to pain? There is one more option you have to try before you lose hope and consider living with the pain all through your life. Reiki must not have been a part of your ‘remedies to try’ list, but you must check it out for healing.

Reiki First-aid:

The first aid Reiki treatment can work for burns, cuts, bruises, and broken limbs etc. You can try administering Reiki using your hands on the wounded or damaged part; you will feel calm in the situation. Balance can be found when you seek help of a Reiki practitioner for healing.

Just as Reiki is effective on all types of chronic illness and acute diseases it can provide comfort in some serious illness such as cancer, heart disease and some skin issues like fatigue, headache, flu and back pain. People have benefitted from the healing technique used since centuries to feel relief from pains inflicted due to diseases.

There are claims how blood is stemmed quickly when Reiki treatment is given and pain is also lessened as Reiki hands are part of a first aid treatment. Being open to such treatments will help you in healing. Moreover there is no side effect to worry about when you seek Reiki as healing option. Regular backache, headache as well as some stress related conditions can be treated when you are suffering from chronic condition, Reiki is the best.

In many conditions it is also known to act as an energizer for treating emotional or physical as well as mental state. You are touched at a spiritual level with Reiki. It strives to eliminate the cause of blockage easily. You can safely administer Reiki for all age groups right from elderly to new born and premature babies. All illness and injury stages are healed with the help of first aid Reiki.


Your current healing status can get enhanced with the benefits of experienced healer. Treatment certainly lowers the challenges put forth by the medical conditions. As Reiki balances your energies, there is a cleansed feeling and the body responds to healing process much faster. Benefit from the universal healing process with Reiki.

Power Of Reiki Channeled With New Moon Meditation

Reiki is the universal energy of the living forms channeled for healing and prayer. This Japanese technique has become popular across continents as people opt for a spiritual way of living that allows stress management and a healthy lifestyle x clomid.

The moon has been a reason for admiration for timeless period. There are many cultures and groups who have observed and followed the movement of this natural satellite with other bodies in the sky to help them complete the journey of life. Even the tides are affected by the lunar phases including the fertility as well as human behavior in many cases.

Different moon cycles give rise to changing energy levels right from the waxing to waning period. There are eight different phases that you can use for meditation.

  • Energy of the New moon – for vision creation
  • Energy of Crescent moon – to organize resources
  • Energy of Quarter moon – use resources for fulfilling action
  • Energy of Gibbous moon – tune with goals to revise plans
  • Energy of Full moon – progress to the goals for manifestation
  • Energy of Disseminating moon – to share the learning
  • Energy of the third quarter – refinement of resources and re-evaluation
  • Energy of the balsamic moon – to release the attachments and retreat

You should open the inner channels to allow Reiki flow. Keep your ego, anger and other thoughts aside as you accept the assistance of the universe. You have to use Usui power for light strengthening and bring the energy into the etheric field. Let the Reiki beams enter the energy field along your heart and the solar plexus.

Let the spiritual masters help you in the vision manifestation to create all your sacred intentions. You can invoke the emotional and mental symbol of Usui and draw the energies of the new moon. Let the distant healing symbol work and link each and every soul in the meditation. You can transmit the Reiki for a while till the session is comfortable. Thank the universal forces for bringing you peace and clarity.

You will practice the Reiki regularly and notice a considerable change in the way you interact with others. You physical, mental and spiritual health is bound to be affected as well. You become more aware of the energies around you. The breathing and consciousness, love as well as kindness grows with regular Reiki practice.

Any thoughts of depression, sorrow or inner turmoil is replaced with peace and calm throughout the soul and body. Reiki is spiritual and you can practice this healthy experience with right kind of meditation for long.

Find out the new moon Reiki dates for this year and join the universe in combined healing.