Old-fashioned marketing trends are back and we should know more about it. I bet you’ve heard that everything new is well forgotten old. Yes, short-videos (just like TikTok) were dominative back in 2006 on YouTube and we are back on the same page. We can talk about the musicians too, and we are here again. For instance, Spotify and SoundCloud. In 2021, as a musician you should know how to buy Spotify followers and get organic boost by the algorithm.

The integration of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


The two major technological advances that will bring business marketing strategies into a new era are undoubtedly augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). From product development to storytelling and creating engaging content, AR and VR allow businesses to create immersive experiences to put their customers in near real life. The latest example is the possibility for American users to test the rendering of cosmetic products directly in Google Shopping, via augmented reality .


The virtual reality in turn, allows via a dedicated headset to immerse themselves in an environment completely replacing our reality. Thus, a museum like the Louvre has developed a VR experience allowing users to come face to face with the Mona Lisa.

The domination of short videos

With the explosion of TikTok which democratized short videos, this content format is fast becoming the cornerstone of brands’ content marketing strategy. In a society where users seek to consume content as quickly as possible, short videos are a fun way to get a message across while capturing the attention of the viewer. This trend, Facebook and Google have understood it well, since the two giants released in 2020, Reels on Instagram, and Shorts on Youtube.


Moreover, Instagram relies so heavily on this engaging format that it uses it as a gateway to e-commerce. Indeed, the social network allows influencers posting short videos in Reels, to add clickable links on displayed products so that viewers can buy them.

For e-commerce, the explosion of Social Selling

Facebook Pay and Instagram are expected to skyrocket in 2021 while Amazon, which has lifted thousands of SMEs out of the turmoil, is expected to hold on. With the announcement at the end of 2020 of the partnership between TikTok and Shopify, the social network for millennials should also offer brands the opportunity to develop their Social Selling. We should see the rise of chatbots to support these sales and of AI to test online before buying.


Old trends still in fashion

Some of the best digital marketing trends of 2021 are not dated 2021. Many of them were born last year, or even the year before, and are still booming. If you still haven’t put them into practice, now is the time to get started.


In particular, urgently implement the digital marketing trends of 2021:


“Shoppable” publications: these are publications on social networks that allow direct access to the purchase page of the product in question, without leaving the network where the user is located. These posts tend to increase the conversion rate of brands by streamlining the checkout process. Check if you are eligible for Instagram’s Checkout feature


Gen Z Marketing: The older Gen Z are already over 18 and have entered the workforce. If you want to infiltrate this young market, start by knowing the marketing practices that work with this generation.


Micro Influencers: Unlike top influencers, micro influencers are more like a common man who would, however, have more friends than average on social media. If you can successfully attract enough micro-influencers, usually through social media contests, you can produce the same results as with a high-profile influencer, but at a fraction of the cost and effort.


Voice assistant and SEO: Since voice assistants first hit the market a few years ago, voice searches have changed traditional SEO techniques because we don’t use the same keywords verbally as we do when speaking. ‘written. Try to modify your SEO strategy to incorporate voice keywords