Along with your hip, thigh, and back, your FUPA, i.e., Fat upper the pubic area, is a place that most shapewear targets. As everyone has a unique body type, the FUPA may be different for every person, but speaking about the location, the general part above the pubic area is the region below your belly button where the zipper of your pants is located. If you have it, it doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. It may have accumulated after childbirth, any abdominal operation while losing weight, or maybe due to genetics. Usually, you can get rid of it by adding exercises to your routine, but some slim shapewear targets FUPA and helps to flatten that area.

If you are looking forward to shopping for FUPA-related shapewear, you should consider a few points. Shapewear is available in various styles, compression levels, and fits; hence it is essential to know your precise target part and desired compression level. For smoothing a FUPA, it is important to check for firm compression shapewear or high control in the below belly button area. If you are a first-timer, do not be stressed. You can try some different styles to find out which suits you more. High-quality shapewear for women can be the best option between firm compression, elasticity, comfortable fabric, and additional specs. If you want to enhance your exercise routine along with shapewear, you can find options for that too.

Some recommended shapewears are:

Body shapewear with short bottoms: Because FUPA is the tummy part, it is important to look for shapewear that targets that body part. Tummy shapewear offers the desired compression you need and targets other areas. The specific shaper garment provides high compression that feels soft on your skin hence it proves to be comfortable for your daily wear. The back design creates an overall smooth look throughout the torso, without any crevices and bumps.

Slip short: If you need to smoothen your hips and thigh area along with the FUPA part, you should go for shaping shorts. They are versatile and comfy to wear and do not compromise your shaping abilities. They are seamless and will not roll down at your waist, completely invisible under the clothing.

Side zipper shapewear: Side zipper shapewear is yet another option that you can use to conceal FUPA along with targeting other areas such as belly bulge, back, midsection, and buttocks. They are a seamless option to shape your body all over. If you need an instant body lift all over, they are a great option for you.

Body shapewear with leggings: If you need high compression and sculpting for your tummy and calf area, then you should go for shapewear with compression leggings. They offer full coverage and offer high comfort and efficiency.

These are some of the best slim shapewear options for your FUPA. Though it doesn’t need any special shapewear, these target it specifically and help you hide it immediately. Find your right fit and order now.