For someone adventurous and thrilling, reallocating to a new city like Pune for whatever reasons can be intriguing—looking forward to witnessing the new surroundings but haven’t yet found the rental accommodation of your dreams in Pune? Want to find 1 bhk in Pune for rent standing out to your requirements but not know how? We are here for your help. Here in this article, we have mentioned some key points that you should consider finding yourself a great accommodation in Pune.


  • Get the price right: One of the main points, whenever one goes for a rental flat, is that how much is wise to spend on the rental house? According to experts, a tenant should never opt for a rented flat demanding more than 25% to 30% of his income on paying the rent. After all, apart from the rent of the house, a tenant has also to pay for other expenses such as water and electricity bills, upkeep or maintenance cost, advance amount as the deposit, and so on. If you are hiring a broker, you will also have to pay the brokerage charges. After calculating all the expenses, you should go for a rented flat in Pune falling within the limits of your budget.
  • Assessing the accessibility factors: Once you have shortlisted the flats you can access on the rent falling within your budget, now is the time to evaluate their locations based on the proximity factor. If you have children you need to go to the school, see how far the school is located from the location of your flat. Also, keep in mind to check that your workplace is not far away from your flat. It is the proximity of the location of your house and workplace or school on which the commuting expenses will depend. In case the selected location is a city suburb, then consider if you can have easy access to public transport.
  • Visiting the location: Once you have searched for different rental options in Pune, you must consider taking the time to visit the shortlisted properties in person. Although you have seen the pictures of the flats online, the condition displayed the same might not be true. The main internal factor you need to focus on is if the flat is well furnished, utilities are in working condition, leakages or damages if any, flat receives natural light and is properly ventilated and other things. When it comes to the external factors, see if the social infrastructure facilities, including a health centre, shopping complex, hospitals, food outlets, entertainment options, are within easy access.
  • Know about the brokerage firm and landlord: You must essentially evaluate the reputation of the specific brokerage firm and a landlord in the market before renting a flat. Not every brokerage firm or landlord is good. Some brokers or landlords hold bad reputations when it comes to dealing with their clients, especially students. Also, they try to rip off their tenants by increasing the rent during their stay or not returning the deposit. Therefore, before you rent a flat in Pune, make sure to ask for recommendations from your social circle. If they are not of any help, then check the online reviews mentioned by the past customers on trusted sites.
  • Cross-check the rental agreement: Though the rental agreement act as the last piece in the puzzle, it is the most vital factor that should be considered to secure the appropriate renal flat. After you are satisfied with the reputation of the landlord and the price has been negotiated, it is time to go through the rental agreement provided by the landlord. You must read all terms and conditions carefully so that there are no regrets in the future. Some key terms and conditions that are to be focused on are the date of the contract, termination clause, penalties, repairing cost, maintenance cost, rental renewal, and many other things. This is an important step from the perspective of financial planning as apart from the monthly rent; you are required to pay many other expenses.
  • The additional cost of renting a flat: Apart from the advance deposit and the monthly rent, there may be some other charges such as maintenance costs that may or may not be included in the utility charges. Therefore, to eliminate the ambiguity, just ask your landlord to clearly specify all extra charges that you must pay in the future. You can also find the housing societies in Pune that charges for using the health centre, clubhouse facilities, or security options such as watchman, CCTVs, smart home features adding to your monthly bill.


So, the above-mentioned were some key factors that you should consider to find 1 bhk flat rent in Pune matching your requirements.