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Sandra Bullock ‘s mother is a German opera singer. Although her birthplace is in Arlington, Virginia, she stayed in Nuremburg, Germany, until she was 12 years old. Sandra Bullock grew up on the road, always traveling with her mother. Later on, her family moved to Washington, DC, and attended a local high school.

Bullock didn’t have any trouble adjusting to the new environment, partly because she’s used to meeting new people during her formative years. She even became a cheerleader and preserved her uniform until now.

Her first appearance happened in Nuremburg when she was five years old. Since then, Bullock appeared regularly on stage with a children’s choir. After high school graduation, she entered East Carolina University to study acting.

However, Bullock didn’t graduate. She stopped and pursued her acting career. While Bullock was looking for a break, she supported herself with bartending and waitressing.

Bullock landed her first acting gig in 1985 and got critical acclaims for an excellent performance. She used these acclaims to get an agent in Hollywood. Bullock did have small roles, but most of these roles were unsuccessful.

Her most significant break was Speed. The movie hit the big screen in 1994 where she co-starred with Keannu Reeves. The action-filled movie was a blockbuster and became the stepping stone of Sandra Bullock to land high paying acting projects.

After her significant success in Speed, Bullock got many projects. She co-starred with Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic and a comedy about the pageant in Miss Congeniality. In the mid-1990s, Bullock had numerous successes at the same time box-office flops. While Speed was a smashing hit, the sequel was a flop.

For several years, Bullock stopped acting and returned in 2002 with a film Murder by Numbers. Miss Congeniality got a second film, and she starred again in this box-office hit film. Bullock had many films after.

In 2009, she returned to doing rom-com and starred in two films. One of these films is The Proposal, where it became a success with $300 M net earnings worldwide. The other one, All About Steve, is not as successful as Miss Congeniality 2.

One of her most significant achievements so far is the movie Blind Side. It’s a sports drama that earned her an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award as Best Actress. Another notable performance is her role in Gravity, where she starred alongside George Clooney. Bullock got a nomination for her part in this movie. Her latest film is the Ocean’s 8, where she played the role of Debbie Ocean. The movie is a spin-off to the Ocean’s Franchise.

Outside the big screen, Bullock has a divorce once. She married Jesse James in 2005 but divorced him after five years. Infidelity seemed to be the reason for the divorce.

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