The Art of Tantric Massage in London

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Massage is one of the oldest therapies and one of the most pleasurable body treatments. Tantric massage is 9,000 years old from the Himalayan Mountains of India. We know that massages have good impact on our body,having regularly can help us to get pleasure and relaxation. Tantric Massage is a universal language, an art, a series of special body to body touching designed to cover the canvas of the entire body, providing greater awareness, health and well-being.

Nowadays we all experience some degree of stress in our day-to-day lives. For gaining all of the healthy benefits of Tantric massage, the massage should be conducted by trained therapist.

Our professional massageurs provides a wide range of treatments and professional techniques to replenish and rejuvenate. Another health benefits of Tantric massage relates to life longevity. People that have sexsual experience regularly will have a chance to have a longer life. This massage awoken sexsual your energy channeled in the best possible way.

Beside Tantric massage there is sensual massage, which is an intimate art. Our sense of touch is registered by our skin-our largest and most sensitive organ. In the developing embryo, the skin arises from the same cell layer as the nervous system and can this be seen as the external portion of the nervous system-able to receive and register a vast quantity of varied signals, and make a wide range of responses to them. When our therapist lay her hands on you with compassion and good will many subtle changes take the place gentle touching given with tenderness and care, cause transformations both physically and psychologically.

Breathe deeply and rhythmically in the candle light to relax your body during the Sensual massage and reduce your stress level. It is not only receiving touch is beneficial, however. Giving massage is also highly rewarding. There is also satisfaction to be in experiencing the results of your massage as you feel sexsual both relaxed and realize that your concern and your touch can help to stimulate the therapist sexsual health!

Wholeness goes beyond the body, mind and emotions. In wholeness is health, and in any kind of healing-touch technique our therapist is treating more than just the physical body; she is also affecting a person’s “subtle” body and restoring balance to the flow of energy. It’s includes the energy field or “aura”, in and around the body, and the major centres of subtle energy or vitality known as the chakras.The aura is composed of interpenetrating fields of subtle or vitol energy that emanates from the body, out beyond the periphery of the skin,and is constantly in motion. Within the aura and along the midline of the body are the seven main chakras, whose function is to relay vital energy between the physical body and the subtle body.



Welcome to our Temple of Tantric Love and Healing!

We are a group of female tantric massage therapists in London.

Our Tantric Massage, Unique Yoni Ritual and Couple Tantric Sessions are guaranteed to soothe you and give you the experience of a life time. All of us are professionally trained in the discipline of Tantric Massage. We provide discreet massage services in London for incall-outcall services.

We are fun and kind persons sensitive to your needs.

About Our Unique Yoni Ritual Session:

This is a devotional ritual in honor of your goddesses and you. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina that is translated as “sacred space” or “Sacred Temple”. In Tantra, the Yoni is seen from a perspective of love and respect. This session is about giving and receiving, you and your goddess will worship each other, connected with each other, receiving and giving the tantric pleasure between each other.

About Our Unique Couple Tantric Journey:

We provide an excuse for playfulness, changing the atmosphere and making a special time together. Couple tantric journey with two goddesses, start the journey from tantric meditation, then your goddesses will give you and your partner full body worship, sensual erotic massage, pleasure you and your partner sacred spots, help you and your partner more deeply connected with each other…

Our couple tantric journey created for each individual needs, journey could be more focus on the sexual healing, or spiritual connection between you and your partner, or simple a playful fun journey, so before you book a session please call me to discuss the details and preference.

N A M A S T A !



Sexual Healing of Tantra

Tantric massage has been proven to heal abuse as well (physical, sexual, and emotional). Your sacred spot is a reservoir of suppressed emotions (guilt, shame, etc.) Some people are unable to experience orgasms because of the emotions (conscious or unconscious) stored in their sacred spots. Upon release, you will feel relieved and let go of these negative energies that affect your daily life. Therefore, allowing more love and happiness in. Lovemaking will be so much more pleasurable. This makes you a better person, lover, and spouse.

There are many sites on the web that describe Tantric massage in greater detail. Tantric massage is in no way pornographic, it is an Ancient religion that Westerners are just beginning to discover. Feel free to browse and learn what Tantric massage can offer you and your partner.


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