For a year now we have been discussing where Erling Haaland will end up, who will certainly set another transfer record. Someone speaks about 80 million euros, and someone – about all 150. But is it even worth spending money on a player like that? Let’s delve into history and reason.

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Neymar (Barcelona – PSG, € 222m, 2017)

It is still difficult to judge this transfer. What kind of person is worth more than 200 million euros? Being the twice best player in League 1 is not bad, but it is to be expected. And while Neymar remains a great performer, not everyone in France is sure he’s worth it – especially considering how many times he’s been injured. So far, the only way to silence the skeptics is to win the Champions League.

Kylian Mbappe (AS Monaco – PSG, € 180m, 2018)

Neymar, Mbappe, the essence is the same. Yes, he is the best in Ligue 1, and his performance at the 2018 World Cup cannot be overestimated, but so far a lot depends on the success of the Parisians in the European competition. If he wins, he will prove it. But no – everyone will continue to gossip about where he will go next.

Philippe Coutinho (Liverpool – Barcelona, € 145m, 2018)

The acquisition of Coutinho by Barcelona has always been surprising. The player who has never been the best in the Premier League, and who even did not pull at a midfielder, turned into the top ten in Catalonia. Result: a real failure for the Brazilian, who did not fit into the new team at all. Well, his best match was against Barcelona in the Champions League. It says it all.

João Felix (Benfica v Atletico, € 126m, 2019)

In the first season, Felix did not particularly shine, and in the second he pulled himself up. However, the question remains whether he is appropriate in such a non-attacking team like Atletico, where the striker is not as appreciated as we would like. It’s even strange that so much was paid here for such an abnormal footballer for Simeone.

Antoine Griezmann (Atletico – Barcelona, € 120m, 2019)

Another curious Barcelona signing. No doubt, Griezmann is good, but does he fit Barca? He was not assigned any role, but we still do not know who he will be for the “blue-garnet”. At Atletico, he has scored at least 15 league goals, but in Catalonia, he has not yet seen such success.

Ousmane Dembele (Dortmund to Barcelona, 105 million euros, 2017)

Dembele found himself at the Camp Nou four years ago, shortly after Neymar left. And until now, he is here as a “big talent”, not a stable star. He is especially hampered by injuries, which make him doubt that the transfer will pay off.

Paul Pogba (Juventus v Manchester United, € 105m, 2016)

Pogba has been at Manchester United for a long time, but there is still talk about how to get the most out of him. Sometimes – it worked, but sometimes the Frenchman is not visible at all. And at the same time, Juventus continues to be interested in their former player, who does not seem to want, but wants to leave the Premier League. But one thing is for sure: for that kind of money, the British expected more from him.