Thanks to advancement in technology, gamers can now upgrade their gaming sessions to enjoy maximum fun. If you love gaming online, you have the option of joining premium casinos like GG bet where you will have access to thousands of different casino games, sports & esports betting options and different bonuses and promotions, among numerous other perks. 

If you like to switch things up every now and then to play games on your Xbox, you will agree that there are some areas that need improvement with the console. A few accessories can make a significant difference with your Xbox experience. Take a look at some of the must-have Xbox controllers and accessories for 2021.

AmazonBasics Charging Cable 

An excellent charging cable comes in handy each time you need to plug in the controller as you play. This works well whether you have a rechargeable battery or not. Amazon has a long list of cables you can choose from. Here you can even find long versions that ensure you have a lot of room to move around. You will love the fact that the cables are affordable and will not put a dent in your wallet.

Racing Pedals and Wheels 

There is no better way to amplify your in-game driving experience than to invest in racing wheels and pedals. Be careful choosing the set to purchase because there are many options in the market. 

Opt for pedals and wheels with a high build quality and, most importantly, a satisfying driving experience. A worthwhile set should offer detailed haptic feedback when you are engrossed in the games it supports. It should also have a stimulated force feedback setting for the unsupported titles. 

Wireless Gaming Headset 

A good set of headphones will instantly step up the sound quality, allowing you to enjoy a more fulfilling gaming session. Depending on what you like, there is an option of getting PC headphones that work with Xbox. You can also get the brands that have been specifically optimized for Xbox. 

Gamers can also get headsets with a Bluetooth function that enables you to connect to your phone simultaneously. This way, you will not have any interruptions while gaming because you can conveniently answer phone calls. 

Remember to consider the hours you get between chargers to pick the headsets that offer the most listening hours. Additionally, the headset you get should wear comfortably on your head.

Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Subscription 

It should be illegal to own an Xbox without the Live Gold Subscription. This is simply because you are only getting 50% from your console without this subscription. It is one of the most valuable and fun accessories that will leave you wondering how you initially enjoyed the Xbox without it. 

The subscription will make you very happy with a monthly selection of free games and multiplayer online gaming. Subscribers also benefit from regular discounts from Microsoft. You can choose to be a subscriber for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time.

Xbox Elite Controller 

When in the market looking for a highly functional controller, you will most likely come across the Xbox Elite controller. This is a solid controller that comes with a variety of swappable components such as a D-Pad, thumbsticks, tunable triggers and rear paddle buttons. 

It also offers great grip and Bluetooth connectivity, which means you can use it with your computer or phone. You will also get a pogo-pin charging stand and a sturdy case when you buy this incredible controller.

Xbox One Wireless Controller 

The standard controller that comes with the Xbox console also happens to be one of the best controllers that gamers can get their hands on. It is a simple controller with an offset analog stick that works well for sports games, shooters and anything in between. 

The manufacturer includes 2 AA batteries in the package that lasts for a week. You can also convert the controller into a wired option simply by attaching a Micro USB cable if you are looking for less latency for fighting or sports games.

Razer Wolverine Ultimate  

This is a serious contender for the best Xbox controllers for 2021. It features M1 and M2 shoulder buttons, offering gamers more customization. Razor Wolverine also has 4 buttons under the controller on the rear that act more as additional triggers than paddles. This offers users more reach. 

You also get to enjoy a decent number of swappable elements such as rounder or taller analogs and 4/8 directional d-pad. Many will agree that the remapping button is one of the most exciting features of this product because it allows you to change things up on the fly.