Canada is a massive and incredible country, full of thick pockets of industrialization and amazing metropolitan cities that offer work and education to anyone who wants them.  Unfortunately, running between all of these can leave anyone feeling frazzled and overwhelmed.

If you need a break from the stress of daily life and aren’t sure where to start: these are the most relaxing places in Canada, and why you should visit them.

Why Taking Breaks Matters

Taking a break gives you the chance to take a moment and recharge from the stress and exhaustion of daily life.  Although we’d all like to think we can handle the ups and downs of everything we deal with: it can be incredibly draining.  Before you realize it, you’re falling behind at work, fighting more with your romantic partner, and you’ve stopped doing the things you really enjoy.

Taking a break is vital to ensure you get the most out of life.  This allows you to eventually return back to daily life refreshed and eager to take on more challenges and excitement.

Niagara On the Lake, Ontario

Although a town that’s commonly seen as a tourist trap might not be some people’s ideal laidback place to live: Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, is a fantastic area to visit if you want gorgeous scenery year-round, friendly locals, and a slower way of life.  This is a great place to regain your energy and start fresh.

Banff, Alberta

Looking at Banff homes for sale might scare you due to the price: but once you visit, you’ll realize why every dollar is worth it.  Not only is this area famous for how gorgeous nature and wildlife surround it, but in the winter, you get the best ski slopes in the world.  Summers in Banff aren’t to be overlooked either!  They’re just as stunning.

St. Albert, Alberta

St. Albert is a smaller city and is home to over 90 kilometers of paths and trails that connect many of the parks and neighborhoods within it.  This allows you to get as much nature in as you want while also getting to stop in and check out the entertainment and theater that make this city famous.

When to Consider an Extended Stay

If you’re still feeling drained after a week or two of vacation, or you’re nearing retirement age, it could be time to consider an extended stay!  Moving to an area with a smaller population and a more tightly-knit community will help lower your stress levels, give you a chance at a work-life balance, and ensure you don’t have to escape from stress so often.

These areas are often more affordable than city living, which can also help anyone who’s on a tight budget, with bills being the main stressor for daily life. 

Everyone Could Use a Break in Daily Life

Whether you’re a teacher who needs a great summer break or you’re an office worker who’s tired of staring at your computer all day: a break can change your perspective on everything.  Consider taking a vacation to one of these cities, and enjoy how much life they give back to you.