Getting a tattoo is undoubtedly a very thrilling time for tattoos lovers. This is not just getting your skin inked to emphasize your style, but also requires proper care to circumvent the complications and heals the tattoo correctly. 

Well, taking good care of your tattoo is not a very difficult process, all it requires doing things correctly after getting a tattoo to prevent ruination of your tattoo during the 1st month healing period.

So, today in this article I am sharing the things you need to avoid after getting a tattoo.

Keep reading the article to find out the precautions after tattoo..!

What to do After Getting a Tattoo?

It takes almost 1 month to completely heal a tattoo, so till then make sure to avoid these 7 common mistakes to heal your tattoo without intricating it.

1 – Avoid Removing the Tattoo Wrap Too Early

Your tattoo is wrapped in plastic during the healing process to keep it out from the dust particles as well as the bacteria. 

Your new tattoo has plenty of tiny holes, so you need to keep it protected. The main idea behind sealing it in the plastic enable healing by locking the natural moisture of the skin than that is dissolving.

Generally, the time to keep the tattoo wrapped is for at least 2 hours, but this may vary, so listen to your artist and do what they say.

2 – Do not pick the Scab

Reaching the first week of your new tattoo you will see your tattoo peeling and scabbing, during this period your tattoo look and feel nastiest or entirely worst.

But remember it is really important for you to avoid picking your scabs, scratching, rubbing or even touching your tattooed area skin.

During this stage of the healing procedure, the inked area form some scabbing and if you messed it up, you will eventually pull out the ink and this may cause tattoo bruising, scars or even prompt skin infection.

Well, this scabbed will fall off after some time, so be kind and subtle to the healing ink to get the best result.

3 – Avoid Shaving 

This won’t apply to everyone as it is very much dependant on the placement of your tattoo. If your new tattoo is in the area where you usually shave like scalp, legs, underarms, and neck, then hold on until the tattoo is completely healed. 

So, you must avoid using a razor over a fresh tattoo. So, wait for the scabs to come off naturally. And it’s about a month in the healing procedure depending on the size of your tattoo, it is ok to start shaving. 

4 – Do Not Wear Tight Fitting Fabric

Your fresh tattoo needs to breathe properly, so you need to avoid wearing too fitting or unbreathable fabrics.

Wearing tight clothes stick to the skin and influence the airflow which causes sweating and creating moisture. 

So, during a couple of weeks initially, choose loose, breathable cloths like cotton. This allows your skin to breathe and enhanced moisture flow.

5 – Avoid Excess Water Exposure 

Well, this doesn’t mean you can’t get your tattoo wet during the healing process. But make sure to circumvent the excess water exposure for at least 3-4 weeks till the tattoo heal completely.

Water entering the fresh tattoo wound may hinder the healing process and even cause infection in the tattooed skin area.  This will increase the time, the tattoo requires to heal or the ink to fix or get treated.

Also, the swimming pool water contains chemical and used by various people, so it is not suitable for the fresh tattoo and lead to substantial consequences as well as risk to a skin infection. 

So, avoid excessive exposure to water during the healing period. 

6 – Circumvent Direct Sunlight Exposure

This is another important factor that you need to take care of after getting a tattoo, especially during the healing and knitting period. 

Getting direct sunlight exposure can damage your skin and tattoo ink. So, try to avoid getting out in the sunlight or cover up your body to keep it out of the sun. 

But logically this is quite impossible as your job, education makes it a bit difficult for you to keep your body art out of the sun. 

So, in this case, make sure to apply a very less amount of tattoo specific sunscreen 30+ SPF lotion whenever you go outside. Also, try to cover your tattoo and carry the sunscreen lotion to re-apply it and prevent damaging your skin and tattoo. 

7 – Avoid Over Moisturizing 

Well, during the healing procedure moisturizing the tattoo is essential. But you need to overdo it too much. Excess use of aftercare products like moisturizer, soap can damage your tattoo.

Generally, people try to use a specific tattoo cream, moisturizer , ointment, lotion as much as they can to speed up the healing process of the tattoo. But remember over moisturizing is the cause of prompt skin infection.

So, apply the lotion or moisturizer in a thin layer as recommended by your artist, at regular intervals of time.


Final Recommendation:

Taking proper care of your fresh tattoo is imperative to avoid complications and heals the tattoo properly. 

And following the advice mentioned above maximize the chances to heal the tattoo properly. But remember, in getting a perfect tattoo both you and your artist play equal roles.

Along with taking proper care of your tattoo, it is equally important to go to a renowned and licensed tattoo artist who uses the preferred set of tattoo centric resources like best tattoo machines listed on the, good quality ink and lots more. 

Additionally, at any stage of the healing process, if you face any problem contact your tattoo artist immediately, he or she will assist you and recommend an alternate treatment or send you to a doctor for medication, if needed.

Hope you liked the article and outlined advice that may help in taking the best care of your body art. Moreover, if there is any doubt then feel free to write to us in the comment section below. We will respond at the earliest.