Recently, in addition to the gorgeous bouquets at various flower shops, mini bouquets cutely wrapped products are sold in the form of. It’s a great souvenir, so it’s a technique you definitely want to learn. The point is the color scheme of the combination of flower materials and the outer wrapping. It will be a balance, so I would like to try it once. Many flower materials were still used at the turning points of life.


Presenting a bouquet is common, isn’t it?

However, I didn’t know what to do when I brought it home,

It seems that there are many people who leave it in the vase.

With some ingenuity, vase arrangements, box arrangements, mini bouquets, etc.

By cutting the flower material, it is possible to finish many works.


Recently, parents have a wedding bouquet for their daughter

It seems that there are many cases of making.

After all, it is expensive to order at a wedding ceremony, and above all

The bouquet made with feelings will evoke the impression on the receiving side.

Recently, there is a convenient item called a bouquet holder.

Even beginners are becoming able to produce enough.

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This is a good thing when you learn flower arrangements

Flower arrangement tool-convenient

To expand the range of flower arrangements, you can also use the following tools.

Kitchen net

Use a deep vase or a wide-mouthed vase with a wire-woven net

It is convenient to use it because you can grow flowers straight.



Used to reinforce the stem when making a bouquet. The colors are also green and brown

Because there is, you can choose according to the arrangement.

Adhesive for fresh flowers

It is sold under the trade names of Floral Adhesive and Aqua Bond.

Adhesives for fresh flowers can be glued without damaging the fresh flowers,

It is a nice item for advanced arrangements.


Flower arrangement tool-knife

Recommended for those who use scissors and cutters.

What I want to do is a florist knife.

Florist knives also have the effect of improving flower retention.

There are various ideas for cutting flower materials, so how to use it

Once you master it, it will become a must-have item for flower arrangements

With a flower arrangement tool

Speaking of essentials, flower scissors aren’t they?

When choosing a flower scissors

◆ Things that fit in your hand.

◆ Good blade engagement.

Let’s check and buy.

Besides that, even if you use it for a long time, your hands will not get tired.

Light material with a long blade to make it easy to cut even thick branches

We recommend about 5 cm.