If you are researching cryptocurrencies and blockchain platforms, you have reached the right place. Cardano, founded in 2015, is one such public-domain project.

Cardano is a fully open-source, decentralised public blockchain and cryptocurrency project that includes smart contract functionality. It’s the first blockchain platform to create out of scientific thinking and a research-first driven method.

The Cardano founder team consists of a large global collective of expert engineers and researchers. Click here to understand Cardano in detail.

Benefits of Trading Cardano

According to news, Cardano’s ADA is now among the top five cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.

Here are a few benefits of trading Cardano.

First Blockchain Project to be Brought up by a Global Collective of Experts

The majority of blockchain projects are forked from bitcoin, which itself is an open-source code. What sets Cardano apart is that it’s the first blockchain project to be created and designed by leading academics and engineers worldwide.

It’s also the first time that the approach to creating a new cryptocurrency was backed by peer-reviewed academic research.

Proven Leadership in Cryptos

Cardano has been launched relatively, as a fair coin distribution is essential in establishing a coin’s credibility. In its October 2016 ICO, 25 per cent of all ADA tokens were sold to provide funding for development and marketing purposes.

The remaining tokens have been allocated proportionally to people who invested in the crowd sale by sending Bitcoin and Ether to a designated contract address.

Full Open-Source Codebase

Cardano is the first open-source blockchain project built from a scientific philosophy. You can find all Cardano code on Github, which will allow developers to review it for issues or improvements.

Currently, only APIs are available for third-party app development, but more libraries are being worked on.

No Blockchain Congestion

With the growing popularity of new cryptocurrencies, blockchain congestion has become common. During times of high network usage, transactions can take hours or even days to go through.

With some newer coins building their proprietary networks and employing new technologies like SegWit or Lightning Network, Cardano has focused on using already battle-tested blockchain technology: Ethereum.

Strong Community Support and Trading Volume

Trading volume is one of the most critical factors for investors when determining whether to buy into a cryptocurrency or not.

The number of people holding that currency will determine its price stability, resistance against market manipulation and ultimately how widely adopted it will be used as currency (or means-of-exchange).

Benefits of Investing in Cardano’s

Here are a few benefits of putting your hard-earned money into buying Cardano’s.

  • It is one of the first blockchain projects to come up from a scientific philosophy and research-first driven approach.
  • The company has proven leadership in cryptos. The platform launched somewhat with no premise or founder rewards.
  • The platform offers a complete open-source codebase. You can also find APIs available for third-party app development.
  • No blockchain congestion like most new cryptocurrencies (tx fees are 0.02 ADA).
  • Strong community support and high trading volume, making it a desirable currency to own this year.

How to Trade Cardano?

Currently, there are several cryptocurrency exchanges where you can purchase Cardano. You should look for an exchange that allows ADA trading against any other altcoins and fiat currencies (if you don’t already own some) before deciding on your final choice.

Once you’ve found the right one, sign up for an account and follow their instructions on how to deposit funds into it. Choose the cryptocurrency pair section to either deposit or trade your chosen altcoin for ADA.

You should then purchase Cardano (ADA) on the exchange by selecting the click here button on the buy section.

How to Buy Cardano Instantly with Bitcoin?

If you have already purchased bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, it’s easy to buy Cardano even faster. On a cryptocurrency and altcoin exchange aggregator platform, users trade over 300 cryptocurrencies with more than 45000 possible trading pairs.

All cryptocurrency purchasers can complete their purchases via the website without creating an account on the exchanges themselves.

Once you’ve input your payment, there’s just a short wait before the altcoins appear in your wallet. You can also send any amount of cryptocurrency to another person using Binance as an intermediate. You can do this step without creating an account on the platform.

Trading in cryptocurrency is a risky business because of the highly volatile markets. Hence, it is essential that users should carry out their research and due diligence on the exchange platform they wish to use to trade or purchase cryptocurrency.

There is also an option to check out the bitcoin broker comparison table if you’re interested in buying bitcoin with credit cards or debit cards anonymously.