Having millions of choices on your Google Play Store, it sometimes becomes challenging to find the best apps for your phone as per your taste, preference, and liking. Things get even more complicated when it’s time for your ‘kids’ to download their favorite apps on your phone. Because now, you not only need to find out what type of apps they are coming across with but also keep an eye on the specifications of the game and its functions. At any cost, you have to ensure that the apps are age-appropriate, secure, and also affordable.

To make things easy, here we have come up with a list of the top five smartphone apps that can promote fun learning in your kids. Whether you have a one-year-old baby, pre-school toddler, or a middle-school kid, there are tons of interesting, educational apps for them on the Google Play Store. Let’s check them out!


Epic! Is one of the best apps for kids that love to read. Its huge library consists of more than 35,000 kids’ books of all types that also offers a ‘read-to-me’ exclusive feature for the kids that are still learning to read. It is more like a fun learning app for the kids, and the best part is that you can carry this grand library in your phone wherever you go. All you need is a fully charged phone and a stable internet connection to access the app, as Epic! relies on the internet to load the books from the library. For an uninterrupted reading experience, you can always choose fast and high-coverage internet connections like CenturyLink internet which supports prompt downloading and browsing round-the-clock. Moreover, they have the most amazing internet packages in town, starting from $50 per month only. How cool is that?

Suitable for ages: 2-12

App Cost: One-month free trial, then $8 per month

Available for: iOS or Android


ABCmouse.com is a tremendously fun learning app for kids that has a good collection of story-based videos, quizzes, and tons of other educational activities. According to the users, it is more like a social learning app that enhances the cognitive growth of children by providing them with tough challenges in the form of games. So, if you are looking for some interesting ways to keep your kids engaged, then you should give it a try.

Suitable for ages: 2-8

App Cost: One-month free trial, then $10 per month for the subscription

Available for: iOS, Android, or the Amazon App Store

Hungry Caterpillar Play School

Hungry Caterpillar Play School is the best app for kids that are just about to enter their pre-school, as it has all the fun activities to prepare them for their learning journey. The app mainly offers different learning areas like alphabets, puzzles, arts, book reading, colors, shapes, and numbers, etc. It is a great way to enhance the problem-solving and cognitive abilities of children. For instance, a pre-school kid can easily recognize numbers, shapes, and various other figures through this app which is an important part of schooling. It allows them to prepare well for their pre-school by making them familiar with the learning procedure.

The most interesting part is the app’s beautifully realistic display, vibrant colors, and extraordinary graphics that help gauge little kids’ attention.

Suitable for ages: 1-5

App Cost: Free downloading, $8 per month or $50 per year for the subscription

Available for: iOS, Android, or the Amazon App Store

Quick Math Jr.

Quick Math Jr. has been specifically designed for elementary school kids to ease up the math formulae. This app can amazingly transform numbers into some creative and interesting figures that make it easier for kids to understand Math.  Quick Math Jr. has a collection of 12 games that are based on different mathematical concepts; each one of them has unique features and eye-catching graphics to keep children engaged. Moreover, all the answers are either drawn on the cellphone screen or simply written by them to enhance their handwriting skills.

Quick Math Jr. is a major hit among children that love math or are simply trying to improve their math skills.

Suitable for ages: 4-8

App Cost: free

Available for: iOS

Stack the States 

Stack the States is more like an educational tool than a game. It helps the kids to enhance their general knowledge in the field of geography by providing them with information about different states of the world. Although it’s an academic game, still, each correct answer leads to more ‘state’ wins. Children get to add more and more states to their stacks which results in higher scores. Along with all this learning, kids are also encouraged by the app to unlock three more games, once they reach a certain degree of scores.

Suitable for Ages: 10+

App Cost: $3

Available for: iOS and Android

The Bottom-line

Gone are the days when games used to be considered as the least important activity in most households. In the modern era, games are seen as an interesting way to promote fun learning in children. Thankfully, the game developers are coming up with more and more interesting games each day for kids of all age groups. From action and fighter games to makeup and academic games, you can get almost anything on the Google Play Store for your children that can help their learning process.

However, as these games need to be downloaded from the Google Play Store, you cannot afford to remain stuck with a dead-slow internet connection. It might spoil the fun! Therefore, always ensure to have a high-speed internet connection at home so that your child gets to enjoy the games to the fullest. After all, a slow internet connection can lead to more loading time between gaming sessions. To make things easier, reach out to fast internet service providers like Spectrum that support prompt downloading and browsing at all times. Simply dial Spectrum phone number now and talk to their customer service representative. They will provide you with all the information that you need for ordering a new internet connection.