Gone are the days when weddings used to be strict and formal events. Nowadays, most couples have decided to make the trade to get the best out of their wedding by incorporating some unique and fun ideas, that will keep their guests talking for years to come. Most guests usually look forward to the reception so it is important that you put much thought into it during the planning process. However, you can also make the wedding ceremony itself more fun so as not to bore your guests.

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Here are some unique and fun ideas to make your entire ceremony more memorable:

Instead of arranging the seats in the usual normal and boring straight rows, why not switch it up and arrange them in a circular pattern around you? This will bring the guests closer, making you more visible to everyone. All the guests will feel included during the exchange of vows, making for a more intimate ceremony.

You can have your guests at the end of each row give you flowers as you walk down the aisle. This will create your own special, unique bouquet. This method works well if the bride is not being given away by anyone.

Use your dog as the ring bearer. You can attach the rings to your dog and have it walk down the aisle. This will create a cute and intimate twist to the ceremony, leaving your guests with huge smiles on their faces the whole time the dog is making its walk.

You can also dress up your grandmothers as the flower girls. This will make for a huge laugh years to come because of the irony involved. It is also very thoughtful to involve your grandparents as most of the times they play a minor role in the wedding ceremony. Moreover, it will make them feel special as they get to relive their wedding day once more.

Unique and fun ideas for your wedding

Before the big wedding day, you might want to organize a get -together for the wedding party. There are high chances that some of the bridesmaids and groomsmen have never met before. You would not want your wedding party to consist of strangers. Therefore, you can plan a casual evening or an outdoor fun activity where they would get to meet each other and socialize before the ceremony. It will make them feel more comfortable around each other during the big day.

At the reception, it is crucial that you put much thought into the seating arrangements. Place the guests with people they at least know and can bond better with. If not, you will have them bored and eager to leave the ceremony early. Guests who bond together better will definitely make up a great dance party which is the highlight of the reception. You should, therefore, seat people in the same age group and backgrounds together.

You should also hand out some wedding favors to your guests that they take home to remember your day. Let them know how much you appreciate them by giving them candy bags, gift bags, hand fans or even branded sunglasses to take with them back home.

Switch things up for your first dance. During this dance, all eyes will be on you. You should, therefore, keep the guests entertained. You can start by dancing a classic first dance song, then suddenly switching it up to something none of the guests had anticipated. You will definitely surprise them.

Serve some non-typical meals. Instead of the usual three-course meals, you can shake it up by serving some non-traditional meals such as cheeseburgers and mac-and-cheese. You can also take suggestions on the RSVP cards from your guests as to what type of food they would like served. The one with the most suggestions wins.

Take suggestions from your guests on a song they would love played by the DJ or band. They may even challenge the couple to dance to it, keeping them entertained and making for a good laugh. The couple can also challenge another couple to join them on the dance floor. Entertainment is one of the key factors that make up a good reception and it is important to keep everyone entertained.

These are just some of the few ideas that you could incorporate into your wedding. You can be creative and invent some of your own to make them more unique. If you lack the creativity, hiring a wedding planner is always a good plan. They will bring some fresh new ideas to your wedding, making it even more memorable.